Month: January 2020

Faces of Choice

Faces of Choice

The choice of abortion has a face and a name...

/ January 31, 2020
Newborn Kittens

Aborting Six Little Kittens

Animals are deserving of protection at the highest level...

/ January 29, 2020

Abortion: A System of Subjugation

It is never acceptable to support a system which subjugates others...

/ January 24, 2020
Evil Nazi

The Absolute Truth About Abortion

The people who killed Anne Frank were following the law...

/ January 22, 2020

Flawed Math: The Moral Calculus of Abortion

No child's path should involve being killed because they are unwanted...

/ January 20, 2020

Passing Harm Forward

The father harmed me, but I harmed the baby...

/ January 20, 2020
Pro-Life Pro-Woman

March for Life 2020

Life Empowers: Pro-life is Pro-Woman...

/ January 19, 2020

The Battle Between Storks and Vultures

If storks deliver babies, who aborts them...

/ January 12, 2020

Feminist Sarah Norton Rails Against Abortion

Here we find that a husband has been procuring poison for his wife...

/ January 5, 2020

The Rabid Censorship of the Fascist Left

Never stop fighting against those who believe some lives matter less than others...

/ January 2, 2020