The Papaya Workshop is a program run by the University of California San Francisco to teach people how to kill their fellow human beings. They use a papaya to simulate a pregnant mother’s womb so they can practice the barbaric act of suctioning and scraping her defenseless child from her uterus.


When the killing of human beings is legalized, this is the sad result. Instead of practicing real medicine, these young people are learning how to kill even younger people. They are in the process of forfeiting their status as healers for the lucrative opportunity to kill ‘unwanted’ babies.

At one workshop, abortionist Zoey Thill held up a papaya and  stated, “This is a 10-week gravid uterus,” holding up a ‘pregnant’ papaya the size of a large fist. “And this,” she added, gesturing to her own pregnant belly, “is a 38-week gravid uterus.”

During her demonstration of killing a baby in the womb, Thill sucked out the contents of her papaya, admiring the seeds that simulated the body parts of her victim. “This is a really fucking good one,” she stated with the glee of someone who knows what a cannula full of body parts and blood looks like.

When one of her students rejoiced with a similar result, Thill explained, “It’s even more satisfying when it’s a real abortion.”

The primary goal of the Papaya Workshop isn’t to teach people how to commit underground abortions, it’s to destigmatize the killing of our young.

“We see it as a strategy to start a really honest conversation about what abortion is and isn’t, and destigmatize it,” says Lisa Maldonado, the director of an organization that works to spread abortion across the globe.

Since the people behind this grotesque workshop won’t show you the results of their training, I will…

Abortion Training on Papaya Victims

Watch actual abortions being committed against defenseless babies. You can never again say ‘I didn’t know’. What you do with this knowledge will forever define you.

Don’t die on the wrong side of history. Use your voice to end the atrocity of human abortion.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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