How you can share such graphic content on this website is beyond me. There are women having abortions for reasons beyond those you state on your page, such as being pregnant with a child that has no chance of living a life to a humane standard, or being pregnant as a result of rape. Imagine the pain you are putting these women through by showing what you do on here, when they have no choice??


Why should the victims of abortion bother anyone? It’s ‘healthcare’ after all, right?


You claim that I haven’t addressed the circumstances surrounding the killing of children that may die shortly after birth or who were conceived through rape. In fact, I have addressed these issues many times. Here are just a few of those instances:

Remembering Grayson James Walker: Grayson James Walker only lived for eight hours but he made a huge impact on the world around him. I am often asked if children like Grayson should be killed in the womb simply because they may not live very long. The short answer is that NO CHILD should ever be killed, no matter their circumstance or their location. The long answer is…

Protect and Love Them Both: Rape and abortion are wrong for the same reason: they are both violations of another person’s body. If you really care about rape victims, you should want to protect them from the rapist and from abortion, NOT the baby. A child is not the worst thing that can happen to a rape victim…

Under our current flawed interpretation of the Constitution, mothers have a choice to kill or to protect their prenatal children. By showing the world the horrific results of ripping a baby from the safety of their mother’s womb, I am informing those responsible for the care and welfare of these children about their humanity and the cruelty of aborting them.

One thing you can rest assured of is that I will relentlessly share the truth about abortion without shame or fear until it’s both unthinkable and unlawful. The truth is like a lion; you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose; it will defend itself.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.


  1. Example of misleading both doctors and their patients – doctors continue to order ‘Ultra Sound’ viewing of the developing life – the developing life does react to the damages – the ‘Imaging Procedure’ sounds like a loud scream / whistle and when held over developing organs for only mere seconds damages cells – the doctors continue to order women to view their child with photos – when in reality this lead is against life – Medical Leaders remain in support of Birth Control such as viewing the unborn child – the laws are skewed in favor of the Nihilism Mind-Set – is this progress?


    1. I won’t dispute that ultrasounds may be potentially damaging, to anyone in fact, but this is not more detrimental than being brutally killed…. Progress would be a society that respects all life, not just those who are wanted, or perfect, or come at the right time…


  2. Unthinkable, unspeakable premeditated murder in one despicable, abhorrent and depraved instance that is repeated thousands of times everyday Thank you CULTURESHIFT for exposing the truth..


    1. It wouldn’t play through, but I saw the dead baby’s arm being pulled off, I couldn’t stop shaking… This baby probably suffered poisoning or a lethal injection in the heart before being forceably removed… Though some would be pulled out while still alive…

      Well said, Cultureshift & Chris… The baby is living peacefully in the warmth and safety of his or her perfectly equipped enviroment, totally incapable of fighting back,…. when sudden destruction comes… A “doctor” with murder in their heart…

      “He sits in the lurking places of the villages; in the secret places he murders the innocent; his eyes are secretly fixed on the helpless. Psalm 10:8 “They slay the widow and the stranger, and murder the fatherless.” Psalm 94:6

      Keep being a voice for those whose own is silenced before anyone can hear….


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