What is wrong with you? Are you okay in the head? Do you understand that rape happens, incest happens, and just in general, unwanted pregnancies happen? Do you think a woman has to give birth to her RAPIST’S child, just because an imaginary man in the sky said abortion is wrong?? What happens when it’s a 12 year old girl, having to give birth to her baby after her uncle raped her? Why is that okay to you??? That’s more horrific than abortion will ever be.

The foster system is flawed as well, some children end up being in it until they are 18. Children can also end up being victims of abuse while in there as well, but hey, good thing their mom chose life! Good thing they get to live, being hungry, abused, and scared. If you and all your god loving friends make abortion illegal (which, will logically NEVER happen, hell yeah!) then it will just become a black market operation and it will become increasingly dangerous. So, if a mother dies while getting an unsafe abortion, is that okay? When does a life stop becoming a life?


Did you know that over 98% of abortions committed by Planned Parenthood are against healthy children carried by healthy mothers? Did you know that less than 1% of the children killed by Planned Parenthood are brought there to pay for the crimes of their rapist or incestual father? Like all people who believe using violence against innocent prenatal children is a ‘human right’, you rely on the extremely rare ‘hard cases’ to justify that violence.

Let’s take your flailing rant apart point-by-point:

  1. I’m not religious, I’m a pro-life atheist. Abortion isn’t a religious issue, it’s a human rights issue. And by a human rights issue, I mean the right of every innocent human being to live among us as equals, regardless of their size, location, or level of dependency.
  2. Rape and incest happens. Pediphilia happens. Assault happens. Domestic abuse happens. Abortion (a euphemism for murder) happens. Notice that each of these are a violation of another person’s body, all but one is illegal. Remember, its always been your body, even prior to your birth (check that little round scar on your abdomen for proof).
  3. The manner of your conception is irrelevant to whether or not you are a human being. My daughter was conceived through rape. She isn’t the rapist’s child, she’s my child. You are discriminating against every person ever conceived by rape, just like people discriminate against others because of their race, age, or sex. These are things we can’t control. People are people, period.
  4. As with the manner of conception, the age of one’s mother also fails to determine the value of one’s life. Prior to the relatively recent establishment of our ‘civilized’ societies, human females routinely carried and birthed children at 12 years old. In fact, every single one of us are here today thanks to our very young ancestors passing the baton of life to us over millions of years of reproduction. If a female wasn’t capable of carrying and birthing a child, she wouldn’t become fertile at 12 years old. The problem isn’t with the capabilities of the human body, it’s with people like you who believe a child should be killed based on the age of their mother or how they were conceived.
  5. Loving and cherishing a child is never more horrific than abortion. A child conceived through rape/incest didn’t ask to be conceived, just like a child conceived through love never asked. We don’t need permission to occupy our mother’s womb since we have no control over being placed there. The point of cultureshift is to build a culture that values every human being from the moment they start being human. That moment is the moment of conception, not the moment of acceptance.
  6. Every system ever created by humans is flawed, including the foster care and adoption systems. Not only because humans engineered the systems, but because they operate the systems. Just like biological parents, some foster and adoptive parents are flawed. Just like biological parents, most foster and adoptive parents are caring amazing people. Remember, the reason children find themselves in the foster system is because of the flaws of their biological parents. If abortion can really solve social problems, how many more babies must die before it begins to work?
  7. There is no such thing as a safe abortion. At least one person involved will lose their life. When once again outlawed, abortion, like all criminal activities, will spawn a black market. There will always be some mothers willing to pay someone to reach into their womb and kill their child. Killing born children is illegal, yet thousands of infants and toddlers are murdered by their parents every year. The only difference is that killing a child outside of the womb comes with severe legal consequences while killing that same child inside the womb is free of those consequences. I’m working to change that. The abortion rate exploded in 1973 after Roe v. Wade made killing prenatal American children ‘safe’ and legal. My sister was one of its victims. How safe was she?
  8. If a mother dies while drowning her toddler, is that okay with you? Mothers should nurture and protect their children at all times, inside and outside of the womb. I certainly wouldn’t mourn someone’s loss if they died during the process of killing their child through abortion as much as I would otherwise, just like you wouldn’t mourn their loss if they died while drowning their child. That’s Karma, and you know what Karma is.
  9. You ended with one final question: When does a life stop becoming a life? Since I subscribe to science, not morally ambiguous delusions, the answer is simple. Every individual human life begins at fertilization and every human life ends with the irreversible cessation of circulatory and respiratory functions or the irreversible cessation of all functions of the entire brain, including the brain stem. Like all living things, we start as a single cell and grow over time to eventually consist of trillions of cells, all working together. Human value isn’t measured in cell count. To more succinctly answer your question, I’ll provide a clear example: a life stops becoming a life when it’s aborted from the safety of its mother’s womb.

Every act of violence starts with a choice. Abortion is no different.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.


  1. Amazing, powerful, true and heart wrenching. Thank you cultureshift for showing everyone the perversity of abortion.


  2. I wanted to remind everyone about the tremendous amount of help available to pregnant mothers in need. There are thousands of Pregnancy Help Centers all across the USA accessible to every mother in need wherever she may be.
    Most of all there are churches on almost every street in America that are eager and would delight in the privilege of helping a mother and unborn baby. There is never an excuse to abort because of supposed financial hardship.

    Thank you cultureshift for your bravery and dedication to life confronting the depravity of abortion.


    1. Well said on both counts Chris. There is so much help out there, and so many who want to adopt children. Haven’t we watched people time and time again offering to adopt the babies of women going into the clinics only to be turned down by the women going inside to have their babies killed? There are scores of adoption agencies out there and others who would take their babies in… Plus there is Safe Haven, safe places where a woman can take her baby if she feels she can’t keep him or her… I myself have even offered to help in whatever way I could, even take their babies. I never heard of anyone having trouble adopting their child out or leaving them with any of the safe haven outlets….


  3. Very well said Cultureshift…. Your crystal clear logic speaks for itself…

    I can only add a few of my thoughts directed towards emilyissad2.. Why Emily do you think that murdering someone is better than letting them live and have a chance at life? …. I was raped and abused, does that mean someone should have just murdered me instead? I happen to be very glad to be alive in spite of the things that happened to me….

    Giving birth is a natural part of life, Every creature on earth was made to procreate. There is no similiarity between birth & murder… One is natural and normal, the other is evil and destructive…

    The Creator of the Universe never mentions the word abortion in his testament. It is only mentioned that if someone hurts a pregnant women and her baby dies, then the person will be held accountable… And in many other passages the humanity of the baby in the womb is clearly evident. He even says that before he formed each one of us in the womb, he knew us….
    If God were only an invisible person in the sky, we could discount everything that he is proported to say. The thing is, what is written in the bible (the book) is actual history. History written in advance. Archeologists study the book to find out where to dig. In israel, public schools use the book to teach history. The book is over 20% prophecy, and prophecy is unique to it. The prophecies in the book are about real people, real places, real events, real times told ahead centuries and thousands of years. Fulfillment has been witnessed by the whole world. Prophets from other sources cannot claim this… It is the great proof that God exists… Because of these past fulfillments, we can have confidence that the rest of what he says will happen, will indeed happen…

    It has already been proved that the numbers for women whose lives are threatened by having a baby is very low. (ectopic pregnancies, in which around 93% of those, the baby has already died) And disproved that astronomical numbers of women were dying from killing their own children before Roe v. Wade….

    If it is unacceptable that any of us should ever be hungry, abused, or scared, then I guess we better start murdering everyone before we ever have the chance to experience ANYTHING,even the good things in life…. That way only the abusers and rapists and other criminals will be left and perhaps they will eventually kill themselves off and we won’t have to worry about anything anymore…. We will all be dead…..

    What is really wrong Emily? …..


  4. I have a lot to say. Not only did you twist Emily’s words and make it about a grown, functioning child and also make it about yourself but, her point was simply that all women should have the choice of being able to abort an unwanted foetus. The foetus is capable of feeling pain around third trimester. The foetus is aborted before 24 weeks, and if an abortion is requested after 24 weeks, it will only go through if the mother’s life is at risk or if the foetus would be born with severe disability. Therefore, abortion cannot be murder unless it is an actual living, breathing, fucking human. You are pro-life yet show no care towards the cons of a mother giving birth to a child she is not capable of raising. These children are put into foster care, more likely to become drug addicts and have mental illnesses. But that is okay? Right? You pro-lifers care more about a clump of cells rather than the living breathing humans in foster care, living on streets. Abortion is not wrong, never will be. Your belief abortion is wrong is an opinion, not fact, so do not throw it onto others. Keep your opinions to yourself unless you can come at me with factual information.

    Abortion is a female right. A human right. Something a foetus does not have, as it is a foetus.

    When any female is raped, and becomes pregnant, she is allowed the choice of keeping that child or aborting it. Not only is rape itself extremely difficult to live with, but then having to raise the outcome of that rape? That will easily deteriorate anybody’s mental state.

    The only thing I agree with is that abortion shouldn’t be used as a form of contraception. Especially when we have birth control (for men soon too), but condoms, morning after pills, etc. These things aren’t always 100% but still.

    The mother will always be more important than a pile of cells. Not only that but, the foetus is completely dependant on the fucking mother inside the womb so if she wants to terminate it, so be it.

    Women have fought for so long for our rights, just for you to fight against it. And do not get me started on MEN thinking THEY have a right to comment on what happens with a woman and her unborn foetus. Until that man grows a uterus and is pregnant himself, he stays silent. It will forever be any woman’s right whether or not she keeps that child.

    It is people like you, that believe a foetus, something the same size as my palm, is more important than an actual functioning human, that should’ve been aborted.

    Fuck you and fuck the aborted foetuses. They don’t have rights because of the simple fact they cannot speak in the womb and the fact they aren’t humans until around 3-4 months. Until then, it is an embryo and a foetus. Now, fuck you and your twisted opinions.

    And also, no child should have to grow up knowing they are the result of a rape.


  5. Cultureshift:

    Wow. For people who are supposed to be educated and enlightened while you are supposed to be ignorant and backward, she certainly gets irrationally angry.

    One of the very common arguments regarding abortion is that “Prior to Roe vs Wade, women were dying by the thousands in botched backyard abortions”

    Christian apologist Wintery Knight dug up a study from 1936 referenced here:


    In it, Planned Parenthood director herself says that women went to known abortionists. It simply wasn’t reported to the police.

    Another far more important note, was that women dies as a result of abortion, because it was prior to the antibiotic age. This, I believe, is intentionally done to mislead, since all surgical procedures prior to the antibiotic era had a high risk of death due to infection. Abortion was no different. When Antibiotic use, not legalised abortion, became common, so too did the mortality rate for abortion fall.

    Another case of the abortion industry’s cynical manipulation of the truth


  6. Yes, & Bernard Nathansen, now a defender of life, formerly of NARAL, said that the numbers of deaths was an outright fabrication…


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