This amazing video of a baby removed from the womb during a Cesarean section birth clearly demonstrates their obvious humanity.

Across America, liberal states are pushing to kill children until the moment of birth, stripping them of their humanity so they can be killed on demand at anytime during their gestation.

If you understand that human rights should begin when humans begin, then you must fight to ensure every human being is protected by the law.

America will never fulfill her promise that all are created equal and have an unalienable right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness until the atrocity of human abortion is once again outlawed.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.


  1. Amazing video. The only reason to murder a baby like that is the reality of evil in America and Americans. I tried to stop 32 mothers from murdering their baby this morning. I failed completely. This is not explainable by anything other pure evil.


    1. TRULY AMAZING! Wonder how they got the baby out by cesarean with the sac still intact? SO CUTE, little one wanting out of the bag! LOL… Wish they let us see them let the baby out, would be awesome. ….
      …LIFE, LIBERTY, THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS… Our constitution is set up to protect ALL human beings, & babies are undeniably that… Roe v Wade had to bend over backwards & negate our constitution as well as God’s laws to sneak that one in….


    2. The humanity is there, & is supported in 1,000’s of ways…some just try to ignore it purposely. They have buried their natural affection. II Timothy 2:3……. They are in the snare of the evil one. II Timothy 2:24-26…. You tried to save their babies & help them have compassion for them.. Though it’s no reward & sorrow here on earth, in heaven their babies will love you…..


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