Alright, there is a LOT to unravel in this wild site. First, life does not begin at conception. Life begins where it ends. That is not a heartbeat. Medically, you’re not considered dead till all brain waves stop. After your heart stops you have about six minutes before your brain runs out of oxygen and you die. This is why doctors may try to restart a heart. A fetus brain isn’t fully developed till 23 weeks. Only 1% of abortions are committed after this time, these are either medically necessary to save the mother’s life, or to stop the fetus from living a very short and painful life.

Also, the operation to remove dead cells after a miscarriage is an abortion. When a woman has a miscarriage, an abortion is often medically necessary to save her life.

Also, what if someone is raped and becomes pregnant? What if someone cannot afford to keep that child alive, would you rather it live painfully before dying? Or never living at all? You would be happy to adopt the kid, but would you take the mother’s nine months of pregnancy? Would you take her pain of childbirth? Would you take her shame, her guilt? Would you fix her life after you take the kid?

Some women are not ready to be mothers, you people need to learn to accept that. And maybe, instead of yelling at women about this already incredibly hard choice, why don’t you guys focus on making birth control more affordable and easier for women to get? That would easily cut abortions. It’s a win-win.

Also, I bet not one person on this site is vegan. Hypocrites.


There’s a lot to unravel in your rant, so I’ll dive right in.

Let’s start with your first of many misinformed statements. A unique individual human life absolutely without question begins at the moment of conception. During fertilization, the mother and father’s DNA commingle to write the instructions to build a new living person molecule-by-molecule, cell-by-cell.

Prenatal brain activity can be measured as early as six weeks. This is during the embryonic stage of life. In fact, even your brain waves could be measured then. Furthermore, a consensus of neuroscientists agree that our brain doesn’t fully mature until our mid 20s, just a few decades later than you claim.

Human Brain Development

I will commend you on admitting that abortions are ‘committed’, not performed, just like other crimes are committed, not performed. However, your 1% claim is incorrect. When Planned Parenthood and other incorporated abortion businesses measure the lifespans of the people they kill, they start from their mother’s last menstrual period, or LMP. This has the deceptive effect of making the children they butcher seem two weeks older than they are.

The Guttmacher Institute, a shadow lobbying arm of Planned Parenthood, claims that 1.3% of American children are terminated after 21 weeks of life. Knowing that life begins at fertilization, not at the end of a woman’s last period, we must include their statistics for the 16-21 week age group into their numbers, or 3.8% of children. It’s fair to interpolate that approximately 1.5% of children are killed by abortion at 23 weeks and beyond. So what do these percentages translate into? Worldwide, of the nearly 56 million children aborted every year, over 800,000 are at least 23 weeks old. Remember this the next time you say only 1%. And remember the 23 week old micro preemie pictured below.

23 Week Micro Preemie

Regarding miscarriage, this in not at all an elective abortion of a living human being and has nothing whatsoever to do with the debate surrounding whether we should kill unwanted children or protect them. You further comment on the need to kill children conceived by rape, children like mine. If you were conceived through rape, would you believe that your life was less valuable than anyone else’s? Think before you speak.

You then go on to attack adoption, claiming that a child should be brutally killed rather than provided a birthday. Your reasoning is that they might experience a less than optimal childhood. The next time you meet someone who was placed for adoption, ask them if they would rather be dead than alive. I suspect you know the response you will receive.

You then mention the shame of an unplanned pregnancy. You must not be a feminist, because a feminist would never shame a woman for doing the one thing a woman can do that a man can never do. The essence of being a woman is the ability to create and build a new human being. That’s a superpower no woman should ever be ashamed of.

The pro-life movement fully understands that some women don’t want to be mothers. That’s a decision that should be made before they become mothers. Motherhood, and fatherhood, begins when children begin — nine months prior to their birth. Contrary to your assumption, I do support readily accessible non-abortifacient birth control with the understanding that its failure is no excuse for killing a child.

Finally, you make the absurd claim that if those who oppose abortion aren’t vegan then they are hypocrites. First, a chicken is not a human being. Second, we are omnivores and naturally evolved to eat meat (are lions bad for eating gazelles?). Third, the ultimate hypocrite is a pro-abortion vegan. They fight to save the lives of farm animals while championing for the right to butcher prenatal children. Remember, humans are animals too.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.


  1. Alright it’s me again, dahlia. Ima go a little out of order here cause I’m short on time.
    A egg is not a chicken. A acorn is not a tree. A flower is not a fruit. My point is that you wouldn’t yell at someone about cutting down a tree if they just took the acorn. That life has not begun. Though it has the potential to be something great, there are many factors that can stop that. If it’s not your body or your baby, don’t yell at someone else for there choice. Also what’s with all the pictures? You guys sure do love guilt tripping ppl eh’? What if I put in some picks of starving kids? Or elephants killed by trophy hunters? Would that make you get up off your ass and start helping ppl and animals who are actually alive instead of butting your noses into others ppls problems? Also I did think befor I spoke, but you guys seem to have little care for the mothers of these kids. Seeing as though you completely skipped over my part about the mother’s feelings. I did not attack adoption, I support adopting. I am a feminist, and in my feminism I see both that women are not made solely for reproduction, and that a woman should have free will over her own body. The essence of a woman is not to have a kid, it’s not a superpower, it’s a thing we can do, but it’s not all we are. No body iv ever met is ashamed of being able to carry a child, they may just not want to at the moment. You say you understand that some women don’t want to be mothers, that it’s a decision they have to make, but again that brings us back to rape or the breaking of protection. People don’t always choose to become pregnant. What they do with there body isn’t your problem. And I will explain what I meant by the vegan part. You pro-lifers advocate so strongly for someone else’s unborn child that you turn away from the thousands of animals being tortured and killed every day. You say you love all children, but where is your love for the male chicks thrown into a grinder hours after they hatch? Or the calf’s ripped from there mothers so you can drink her milk? As a pro-choice, I say that no one should be forced into a fate they do not want, that means both women and animals.
    I also noticed that many of the pro life places are very religious centered. Though I don’t know if this one is, it seems odd to me as an atheist that god said “love thy neighbor” yet you guys hate on that pregnant 15 year old next door.

    Got to go,
    Dahlia, the asexual, pro choice atheist.


  2. Your analogies are false and show little understanding of reproduction. Ovum and sperm are not individual human beings, but a zygote is. There is no other point at which this being transforms into something it already is not, it merely grows and develops from conception on. Your recognition that using pictures of slain babies induces guilt speaks volumes of the willful ignorance “pro-choice” people immerse themselves in. Pointing out to other atrocities and evils of the world in expense of deliberately killed unborn children is disingenious. Why don’t people who rant for the right to kill children dedicate their efforts exclusively to improving sex education, availability of contraception, prenatal healthcare and the like? Pointing to the feelings of the mother in expense of a child’s life shows how low a culture of solipsism and worshipping emotions has sunk. It is about as infantile as it gets to argue that something, let alone an issue of this magnitude, is no one else’s business. When was the defining feminist slogan “personal is political” dropped (btw, I am indeed a feminist), especially since it is dropped solely in regard of abortion and none other issue? I, too, detest industrialized exploitation of animals, but killing animals for food is not the same issue as killing fellow human beings for convenience. The biggest problem with abortion for now (“for now”, since great bulk of people alive today can’t yet/anymore recognize what is wrong with killing children in the womb in itself) is that it creates a civilization and culture of disregard towards human life on general. It is not “other people’s problem”, it’s everyone’s problem.


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