Ectopic PregnancyLike birds, our young live inside an egg of sorts. We call this egg an amniotic sac, which in turn is protected by the uterus. Unlike a bird, it takes a great deal of effort and risk for humans to kill their young inside this egg, yet we do it over 150,000 times a day.

Although it’s exceedingly easy for a bird to ‘abort’ their babies by pecking their eggs, this act of destruction is extremely rare for their species. They innately understand something that we have overridden with our advanced cognitive abilities. They understand that killing your own young is wrong and self defeating.

Human beings have struggled to harness their intellect for millennia, often imposing great tragedy on themselves as they continue to evolve. By far, the most destructive of these self-inflicted wounds is the plague of abortion.

Cultures around the world have embraced the idea that their young are not worth protecting, reducing them to the status of property. To achieve this, they have deluded themselves into believing that they were not the same human being prior to their birth that they are today, and therein lies the tragedy.

The majorities of some societies have so embraced this malformed logic that they refer to the prenatal members of their family as parasites, tumors, or clumps of cells. In other words, the most advanced and sentient creature on Earth has become one of the least intelligent, exhibiting destructive behaviors that less developed species are capable of avoiding.

The primary motivation for abortion is the avoidance of responsibility. Self awareness has amplified selfishness to the point that humans, unlike other animals, actively target their offspring for termination. This behavior is counter to the evolutionary process of human reproduction where the female carries the young and the male provides for and protects that young. Through the objectification of their babies, females have encouraged the objectification of themselves. Many males now expect their mates to abort any children conceived through sexual reproduction, providing for their death instead of their welfare.

Women's March AbortionThe malformation of the evolutionary responsibility for reproduction is so complete that a large segment of the female population has linked the ability to kill their young to a sense of equality with men. They reason that because males don’t have to carry a child in the womb that they, too, should be able to avoid this role. This concept is fundamental to modern feminism and has driven the abortion rate to epidemic levels. Today, only seventy-five percent of children living in the womb will experience a birth. That translates into nearly 60,000,000 abortions every year worldwide.

Until our species addresses the flawed logic of abortion, our young will continue to die at a rate that eclipses all other human tragedies combined, whether natural or self-induced. As with all human endeavors, the boundaries will continue to be pushed. Euthanasia of the sick and elderly is already taking root in Western civilizations, and many are pushing for abortion until the moment of birth, including the abandonment of the children who survive this inhuman act.

If birds can understand that they shouldn’t peck their own eggs, shouldn’t we be able to do the same?

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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