Have you ever considered exactly how a child’s home is invaded by an abortionist? It’s not unlike how the door to your home is forced open by those who wish to take your things or your life.

Abortion Procedure Illustrated

To better illustrate this process, take yourself back to your life before birth. Imagine safely living in your mother’s womb, peacefully listening to the rhythmic sound of her heartbeat. Now let’s step through the horrific procedure used to end your life.

First, you and your home will undergo surveillance to size you up. This is done visually through ultrasound. The method used to break into your home and kill you is determined by how big you are. The bigger you are, the more gruesome the process becomes.

For the purposes of this step-by-step walk through, let’s assume you are the average age and size of most children when their mothers decide to kill them: seven weeks. At this age, your heart has been beating for over four weeks and you are able to move your arms and legs. Your eyelids are forming over your eyes, which are just beginning to take on their permanent color. All of your organs are in place and developing rapidly.

The method your abortionist recommends to your mother is called dilation and curettage. After your mother’s vagina is opened using a speculum, her cervix is lowered until fully visible by your abortionist. He then inserts a steel instrument similar to a crowbar to open the door to your home.

Cervical Dilator

After the door to your home is sufficiently pried open, a hard plastic tube known as a suction curette is pushed through your mother’s artificially dilated cervix. This tube is attached to a vacuum aspirator and the machine is turned on. Your abortionist will probe the womb with this tube until contact is made with your amniotic sac. The sac is punctured and your body is ripped apart while you are still alive. Your arms, legs, stomach, intestines, and other body parts are sucked through a clear flexible hose into a jar where your once living body will resemble a red frothy paste. The results are similar to having been placed in a blender set for puree.

Suction AbortionTo make sure your home has been robbed of all of its contents, your abortionist inserts a razor sharp steel curette to scrape the walls of your mother’s womb. This ensures that your placenta has been completely removed from her endometrium and that your mother’s pro-choice uterus is ready for another victim.

After sifting through the contents of the jar to inventory your remains, your abortion is complete. Your blood will be wiped from your mother’s vagina and she’ll be moved to a recovery room where she will likely sob uncontrollably as the reality of what she has done sinks in. But fear not, the workers at Planned Parenthood will comfort her and tell her how brave she was for killing you. It takes real courage to hurt a defenseless baby, after all.

The next time you hear that abortion is a human right, ask yourself if anyone should have the right to break into someone else’s home and kill them. No human right can ever include the right to kill innocent human beings.

Ready to end this injustice?

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.


  1. The pro-abortion people have been using an argument lately, that the unborn child is an “intruder” into the mother’s body, and that the mother has the right, therefore, to “get rid of it”. Yet in this article it shows that the abortionist is the actual “intruder”, invading the baby’s natural habitat.


    1. Many years back, probably in the 90’s, someone made a movie using real people, that portrayed almost the exact same scenario between a break-in & abortion..

      A young girl was in a house with her mother, a man broke in with a loud vacuum cleaner-type machine and went for the girl. The girl began to scream and tried to get away, while the mother just turned away and ignored the pleas of her daughter…. I don’t remember the end exactly, but the man took the daughter away while the mother continued to ignore the whole thing…. It was heart-breaking..


    2. Indeed – there is in actual fact hardly any more compelling and natural right than the right of an unborn child to develop and reside in his/her mother’s womb.


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