Nursing NewbornBirth is nothing more than a transition from one location to another. When a mother is pregnant, she is nurturing her child inside her womb through their umbilical cord. When her child is born, she nurtures them through her breasts on the outside of the womb.

Women are equipped to care for children by their very nature. Whether you were breastfed by your mother or bottle fed, you were still ‘nursed’ while awaiting your birth. Every nutrient you needed to live and grow was provided by your mother.

Horrifically, some mothers turn on their children and take a drug designed to starve and suffocate them. Mifepristone blocks the hormones required to sustain a child’s life, cutting off the nutrients and oxygen needed to provide for them. Just as disturbing is the fact that this barbaric act of cruelty is legal in the United States of America and other ‘civilized’ nations around the world.

Newborn Umbilical CordAbortion is the worst form of child abandonment imaginable. Some forms of this inhuman practice don’t only involve suffocating a baby, they involve twisting their limbs from their bodies while still alive. In the United States, this abuse is allowed through all nine months of a prenatal child’s life.

As you consider this grotesque reality, imagine if your mother had turned on you. Would you argue, now that you’ve been safely born, that she had every right to rip your body to pieces? Would you claim that your body was actually her body? Or would you rightly declare that your life is yours and always has been?

Those who support killing others through abortion can only do so because they were never aborted. Fighting for the right to forcefully remove children from the safety of their mother’s womb doesn’t make you a freedom fighter, it makes you an oppressor. Abortion isn’t a human right, life is.

Ready to defend those in jeopardy of losing that life? Here’s how.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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