Month: March 2019


The Greatest Moral Problem

The greatest moral problem in society is the idea that you get to define what is human...

/ March 30, 2019
Unplanned Movie

You Were More Than Just a Choice

I’m listening to a symphony in every beat of your tiny heart...

/ March 30, 2019

An Abstraction of Death

Healthcare preserves human life, abortion destroys it...

/ March 27, 2019
The Abortion Pastels

The Abortion Pastels: An Exploration of Violence

The question of abortion is part of all that violent context...

/ March 25, 2019

Infanticide Abortion

There is no difference between a first trimester, a second trimester, a third trimester abortion, or infanticide...

/ March 24, 2019
Unplanned Movie

Unplanned: Waking up to the Reality of Abortion

Abby was blind to the truth about abortion until she saw something that changed everything...

/ March 23, 2019
Abortion Art

Holding Precious Life

The lives of those scheduled to die by abortion are in your hands...

/ March 22, 2019
Female Uterus Facts

Everything You Were Too Afraid to Ask About the Uterus

Learn more about the most powerful collection of molecules in the known universe...

/ March 21, 2019

Narrating Abortion

The suction tip has now been applied to the body and the abortionist is exerting his traction on the child...

/ March 17, 2019
Indiana State Capitol

The Frontlines of Abortion

When we devalue any member of our human family, we devalue every member of that family...

/ March 15, 2019