Hey is anyone here pro-life? I’m not but like I wanna know why you would be.


My little sister was killed by abortion when she was 14 weeks old. She had her own body and her own life. Killing females doesn’t empower women, it oppresses them. In fact, abortion is the ultimate act of human oppression.

I know that every human being deserves human rights, no matter how old they are or how dependent they may be on others. Abortion is driven by the idea that some lives matter less than others. I reject that idea.


I’m sorry that happened. I get your point of everyone being deserving of human rights. But are there situations in which you do approve of abortion?


The easiest way to answer this is to ask if there are situations in which I would approve of killing a newborn. Clearly, the answer is no. Abortion is not healthcare. Healthcare preserves human life. Abortion destroys it.


But they’re not newborns yet. And what if giving birth would kill the mother or the mother didn’t want the child in the first place?


The only real difference between a newborn and a ‘fetus’ is their location. Remember, both are dependent on others for their survival.

Saving a mother’s life during a pregnancy crisis is not electively induced abortion. A mother in this situation doesn’t want her child to die, her child is tragically lost in an effort to save her life.

Finally, not wanting a child is never a valid reason for killing a child. Should our value as human beings rely on what others think of us?


It may not be on what others think. Like what if the parents can’t afford a child, the child is a result of rape, or the parents aren’t mentally/emotionally ready for a child? I get there’s always adoption but what if the mom would be rejected from their family if they had a child?


Let’s turn the tables and look at this from the child’s perspective. In fact, let’s imagine you were conceived by rape and were cradled in your mother’s womb awaiting your birth. Would you want your arms and legs twisted from your body while still alive in an effort to end your life?

Remember, you were the same human being prior to your birth that you are now. For proof, take a look at that little round scar on your abdomen. That’s where your umbilical cord once sustained your life.

A mother should protect her child no matter what. In fact, my daughter was conceived through rape and I have yet to find a person more valuable (nor less valuable) than her. Killing another human being because of your circumstances, especially killing a member of your own family, is an act of cowardice.

Adoption is an act of courage… and love.


Okay, but when the abortion is performed, the child isn’t really a child. You wouldn’t be able to feel whatever pain would come with that. I’m not saying that if the child is a result of rape that they’re less valuable, and I’m sorry you went through that, but some mothers may not want to go through with that. Again, no disrespect in any of this. Just simply curious.


Actually, children do live in the womb. A ‘fetus’ isn’t a separate organism, they are people passing through a stage of human life — a stage you once passed through and look at you now.

Dehumanization has been used throughout human history to oppress and kill other groups of people. Slavery was based on the idea that Africans weren’t really people, as was the persecution and mass slaughter of the Jews.

When you say babies living in the womb aren’t children, you are attempting to strip away their humanity to justify killing them. Sound familiar?

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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