Late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart describes how he commits the atrocity of abortion during a 1997 civil court case he filed in a successful bid to continue his work:

Attorney: Are there times when you don’t remove the fetus intact?

Carhart: Yes, Sir.

Attorney: Can you tell me about that – when that occurs?

Carhart: That occurs when the tissue fragments, or frequently when you rupture the membranes, an arm will spontaneously prolapse through the os (cervix)…

Attorney: What do you do then?

Carhart: My normal course would be to dismember that extremity and then go back and try to take the fetus out either foot or skull first, whatever end I can get to first.

Attorney: How do you go about dismembering that extremity?

Carhart: Just traction and rotation, grasping the portion that you can get a hold of which would be usually somewhere up the shaft of the exposed portion of the fetus, pulling down on it through the os, using the internal os as your counter traction and rotating to dismember the shoulder or the hip or whatever it would be. Sometimes you will get one leg and you can’t get the other leg out.

Attorney: In that situation… Are you… When you pull on the arm and remove it, is the fetus still alive?

Carhart: Yes.

Attorney: Do you consider an arm, for example, to be a substantial portion of the fetus?

Carhart: In the way I read it, I think if I lost my arm, that would be a substantial loss to me. I think I would have to interpret it that way.

Attorney: And then what happens if you remove the arm? You then try to remove the rest of the fetus?

Carhart: Then I would go back and attempt to either bring the feet down or bring the skull down, or even sometimes you bring the other arm down and remove that also and then get the feet down.

Attorney: At what point is the fetus… Does the fetus die during that process?

Carhart: I don’t really know. I know that the fetus is alive during the process most of the time because I can see the fetal heartbeat on the ultrasound.

The Court: Counsel, for what it’s worth, it still is unclear to me with regard to the intact D&E when fetal demise occurs.

Attorney: Okay, I will try to clarify that. In the procedure of an intact D&E where you would start foot first, with the situation where the fetus is presented feet first, tell me how you’re able to get the feet out first

Carhart: Under ultrasound, you can see the extremities. You know what is what. You know what the foot is, you know what the arm is, you know what the skull is. By grabbing the feet and pulling down on it, or by grabbing a knee and pulling down on it, usually you can get one leg out, get the other leg out, and bring the fetus out. I don’t know where this… All the controversy about rotating the fetus comes from. I don’t attempt to do that – just attempt to bring out whatever is the proximal portion of the fetus.

Attorney: At the time you bring out the feet, in this example, is the fetus still alive?

Carhart: Yes.

Attorney: Then what’s the next step you do?

Carhart: I didn’t mention it. I should. I usually attempt to grasp the cord first and divide the cord, if I can do that.

Attorney: What is the cord?

Carhart: The cord is the structure that transports the blood, both arterial and venous, from the fetus to the back of the fetus, and it gives the fetus its only source of oxygen, so that if you can divide the cord, the fetus will eventually die, but whether this takes five minutes or 15 minutes and when that occurs, I don’t think anyone really knows.

Attorney: Are there situations where you don’t divide the cord?

Carhart: There are situations when I can’t.

Attorney: What are those?

Carhart: I just can’t get to the cord. It’s either high above the fetus and structures where you can’t reach up that far. The instruments are only 11 inches long

Attorney: Let’s take the situation where you haven’t divided the cord because you couldn’t, and you have begun to remove a living fetus feet first. What happens next after you have gotten the feet removed?

Carhart: We remove the feet and continue with traction on the feet until the abdomen and the thorax come through the cavity. At that point, I would try… You have to bring the shoulders down, but you can get enough of them outside, you can do this with your finger outside the uterus, and then at that point the fetal… The base of the fetal skull is usually in the cervical canal.

Attorney: What do you do next?

Carhart: And you can reach that, and that’s where you would rupture the fetal skull to some extent and aspirate the contents out.

Attorney: At what point in that process does fetal demise occur between initial remove… Removal of the feet or legs and the crushing of the skull or – I’m sorry – the decompressing of the skull?

Carhart: Well, you know, again, this is where I’m not sure what fetal demise is. I mean, I honestly have to share your concern, your honor. You can remove the cranial contents and the fetus will still have a heartbeat for several seconds or several minutes; so is the fetus alive? I would have to say probably, although I don’t think it has any brain function, so it’s brain-dead at that point.

Attorney: So the brain death might occur when you begin suctioning out of the cranium?

Carhart: I think brain death would occur because the suctioning to remove contents is only two or three seconds, so somewhere in that period of time, obviously not when you penetrate the skull, because people get shot in the head and they don’t die immediately from that, if they’re going to die at all, so that probably is not sufficient to kill the fetus, but I think removing the brain contents eventually will.

20 Week Abortion

This description of how children are ripped from their mother’s womb wasn’t provided by a pro-life activist, it was provided by a ‘pro-choice’ abortionist under penalty of perjury.

As you consider the horrific reality of what abortion is and what it does to our defenseless prenatal children, ask yourself if you would like to be on the receiving end of this ‘medical procedure’. If your answer is no, then why do you go about your day without taking action to protect the children scheduled to die this way?

Here’s how to shake your apathy and fight for life. You don’t have to die on the wrong side of history.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.


  1. I have been in right life since before abortion was legalized, just the probability talked about, and it not only still exists but now we have infanticide. I want to throw up. I and many like me tried everything and I can’t do what I used to as I am very ill, but I do all I can with fundraising and on facebook, not for socializing, but for spreading God’s word, encouraging good and fighting evil like abortion, child abuse and animal abuse, etc. If someone in the l960’s even hinted that something like this would be going on, I would have called them a a stupid liar. I pray, I apologize to God and His Blessed Mother for this slap in their faces to the lives they have created, and I cry. what is next. forced abortions like in china, or like the Chinese men who eat the bodies of the aborted babies so they can have a better sex life. God forgive them for they know not what they do, or do they??? I can’t donate, as I already have donations promised to God and am living on less than $800 a month plus the senior building I live in, there is no transportation, no joke. I have to pay every time I live the apt. to one of five seniors driving for about 30 people. medical, and food, sometimes my grandchildren don’t have enough to eat, for masses to the missionaries to help feed the poor, , and if I have a few dollars to help Israel, starving children, etc. I have nothing monetarily to give you. emails, letters, phone calls, anything else I can do I will. Facebook I have tried fundraising twice on it, people on there are reluctant to give, but I will still try.I put up pictures and information on abortion, planned parenthood, pro abortion candidates, right to life candidates, getting Trump elected, any info I have to promote help for the babies and for people to do something besides say I wouldn’t have one. I stress that often. Don’t just say it’s wrong, do something. Send a dollar, pray first, not last, leaflet, counsel, lobby, call reps and senators, everything I can think of and I post the most hideous pictures I can get that facebook doesn’t block. my girlfriend who is now a theologian, at one of the clinics, 30 s. michigan in chicago, got the bodies of the butchered babies, out of the garbage cans behind the clinic, we picketed and counseled at, she conditionally baptized them and gave them a Christian burial. Her reward was a 3-yr jail sentence. God help us, and God bless you. carol ann mikita


    1. You are doing all you can and I applaud you for your efforts in defense of the defenseless. You are a fierce advocate for the protection and welfare of prenatal children.

      Never discount the power of social media as that is one of the three pillars to ending the tragedy of abortion. Another is internet connected smartphones with embedded cameras that enable those closest to abortion to expose it. The final pillar is high definition ultrasound machines that reveal the humanity of people living in the womb. The combination of these three technologies makes it impossible to ignore the truth about abortion — the truth that we are killing real living human beings in the pursuit of avoiding the responsibility of caring for our own young.

      Keep up the fight for as long as you can. We must keep exposing our young people to the brutal reality that they are among the 75% that survived this holocaust. They are beginning to awaken to the horrific knowledge that one fourth of their generation is missing. We must never let them forget the other 25%.


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