Month: February 2019

Abortion Art

Post Aborted

She has never given me a name...

/ February 16, 2019

Acknowledging the Brutal Truth

The fetus is usually neglected entirely, becomes unimportant, nothing...

/ February 16, 2019
Leroy Carhart Late Term Abortionist

How to Torture and Kill Babies

I know that the fetus is alive during the process because I can see the fetal heartbeat on the ultrasound...

/ February 15, 2019

Morselating Babies

The girls in the operating room don’t exactly draw straws to go in with you...

/ February 9, 2019
Baby Emerges From Blood Clots

Discovering Babies in the Womb

The abortion industry can no longer hide behind their euphemisms...

/ February 7, 2019
President Trump State of the Union 2019

State of the Abortion Union

Let us work together to build a culture that cherishes innocent life...

/ February 6, 2019

Buying Success with Blood

No woman should have to buy success with the blood of her baby...

/ February 4, 2019

The Rising Drumbeat for Prenatal Genocide

Democrats reveal their scorched Earth policy for late-term abortion...

/ February 3, 2019