This gut wrenching video demonstrates how sadistic and selfishly depraved humans can be. It shows the horrific killing of innocent prenatal children for no other reason than the inconvenient fact that they live among us. The parents of these children, buoyed by the inconceivably unjust laws allowing for this form of abortion, often rationalize the ‘choice’ to kill their children as a means to sustain their lifestyles.

This form of inhumanity is one of the IVF industry’s dirty little secrets. Women knowingly implant multiple embryonic human beings into their womb with the hopes that only one of their children will survive. When two or more of them hold on to life and continue to grow, their parents have them selectively murdered by a ‘doctor’.

These aren’t the only victims of IVF. Several other human beings are also disposed of as medical waste during this process, never having the chance to cling to their mother for life. These people are simply tossed away, experimented on, turned into ornamental jewelry, or frozen for years awaiting adoption. Most of those frozen are eventually destroyed as well.

Human abortion, in all of its grotesque incarnations, is and will forever remain a stain on our collective humanity. Driven by craven selfishness, this euphemism laced form of murder cheapens every human life. It declares that some are not fit to live simply because someone doesn’t want them to.

Take action to restore our lost humanity for future generations. Your voice in defense of these children has more weight than you can possibly imagine. Don’t let this be your legacy, share the truth…

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.


  1. My sister has 3 abortion one of them is twins.All abortion are after 15 week and all is with selective reduction.Me and my sis think that abortion is really beautiful and is vital. I accompanied her to all her abortions and know a lot about abortion. She does not regret them.To date she has one son and is very happy she just waited for the moment and there is nothing wrong with that. those babies are not missed by anyone, neither by her nor by the family and me.


    1. Your sister’s lack of regret and your family’s disregard of the babies she killed only tells about the depravity of you people, nothing of the justifiability of abortion.


      1. Their mentality is sociopathic. Some families instill such evil beyond belief!


    2. Can’t believe the callousness. SMH


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