This disgusting horrific excuse for a ‘social justice‘ campaign embodies the grotesque nature of our culture today. This video shows a cooing baby girl and then extols the benefits of slaughtering her in the womb. As much as I wish this wasn’t real, it is. There is actually an organized group of human beings that worked tirelessly to produce this video with one purpose in mind: killing prenatal children.

Erica Payne

Imagine if the mother of the child shown in this video had made the ‘choice’ to abandon her daughter to abortion. The end result would be a dead little girl brutally ripped to pieces and someone else’s beautiful daughter featured in a video designed to encourage others to kill their innocent children. So much for ‘feminism’.

If you have a spine, you will contact Erica Payne, the ‘progressive feminist’ behind this depraved video, and let her know that true feminism doesn’t involve the killing of our daughters.

If this isn’t your awakening, there is no hope for you. Either shed your pathetic blanket of apathy or die on the wrong side of history. The ‘choice’ is yours.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.


  1. Feminism has caused baby killing divorce single mothers man hating , nothing goo from today’s feminism


  2. I can’t understand the thought process. She deserves to be loved and wanted and a choice, because she already is loved and wanted and ‘chosen’? Are aborted children also deserving of being loved and wanted and being a choice, yet since their mothers are not willing to endow them with these attributes, their deserving of being loved, wanted and chosen results in their deaths, in order to avoid not being those things to their birthmother? I can’t and will never understand why being dead would be so much better than being alive and having at least a chance.


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