The movie Bird Box is an exploration of the inability of some to form meaningful connections with others. The premise is driven by a monster so fierce that when it’s seen it invokes profound guilt and sadness in its victims, compelling them to suicide. The only way to survive its presence is to avoid looking at it, to remain in the dark through the use of a blindfold, never confronting it.

Bird Box Blindfolds

Central characters in the beginning of the movie are two children awaiting their birth, unaffected by the monster thanks to the blinding darkness of the womb. Upon their birth, they are also forced to wear a blindfold to avoid gazing upon the terror surrounding them.

There are many theories about the true message of this story. Regardless of the writer’s intent, the film serves as an allegory to the monster surrounding us all. This monster manifests itself in fear, regret, and anxiety. But its greatest appetite is fed by profound selfishness. A selfishness so intense it leads millions to embrace an unthinkable horror.

Like the monster in the movie, this real-world monster is also hidden away. It is obfuscated by censorship, euphemisms, and lies — lies told to ourselves and amplified by those around us who have also embraced this inconceivable darkness. A lie so powerful that any mention of the truth invites malice toward those who speak it.

This contemporary monster is the undercurrent of all that is wrong with our culture. It shapes public policy through a struggle founded on intense anger, a malformed sense of freedom and the courage of a minority to speak for its victims. It drives a relentless raging debate about the value of life itself and the right to oppress that life.

Bird Box Eyes OpenAs in the movie, some are able to face this monster, emboldening their ability to kill their victims through unspeakable acts of inhumanity. These people commit these atrocities with eyes wide open, rabidly preaching the benefits of their actions while diminishing the value of their victims. Their lies are the most convincing of all, nurturing the monster to inflict ever more pain on its prey.

The only way to end this monster’s reign is to confront it head on by rejecting the idea that some lives matter less than others. The question then becomes: who among us possesses the courage to share the truth with the world?

Lift your blindfold and reveal the monster the world doesn’t want you to see.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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