A human sperm only contains half of the required instructions needed to create a new person. During intercourse, about 250 million of these tiny haploid DNA carriers are released into the vagina, beginning an epic race to combine with the other half of the blueprint maintained by the ovum.

Your life began when these two cells combined in a process known as fertilization, sharing each other’s half of your blueprint. In a matter of seconds, your baseline characteristics were determined, including your height, eye color, sex, personality, and even your IQ. In other words, you’ve always been you no matter how small or how young. In fact, we’re all nine months older than we claim to be.

These facts of life demand that we address the most important question of our time: when should human rights begin? To answer this question, it’s easiest to consider our own life by asking a simplified version of this question: can you think of any time in your life that you didn’t deserve human rights? Logically, human rights should begin when humans begin.

Now that we’ve established that humans begin at fertilization, we must ask ourselves the hardest question of all: should we continue to legally kill people prior to their birth? Abortion can only exist in a world where some humans are stripped of their human rights — of their personhood. Stripped of their very right to exist among us as equals.

Prenatal Human Being

Now ask yourself one final question: do you want to be remembered as someone who supported the segregation and oppression of a group of human beings so others could live as they please or do you want to be remembered as someone who fought for true human equality?

Will you embrace science and logic or pseudoscience and delusion? Ultimately, it’s a decision about what side of history you want to die on.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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