9 Week Abortion LimbsThese are the limbs of a once living human being, ripped from their body during an abortion for one disturbing reason — they were unwanted. Humans kill one another for many reasons, but killing someone because they hold no value to those around them is the most insidious form of depravity.

Abortion is marketed as empowerment. Those who peddle the destruction of human life claim that some humans are less valuable than others and deserve no right to live among us. Corporations like Planned Parenthood kill hundreds of thousands of these human beings every year, literally making money operating human slaughterhouses in communities all across America.

There’s another group of so-called unwanted human beings: the homeless. Imagine if the majority of people supported their removal and invented a Constitutional right to terminate them. If their arms and legs were ripped from their bodies by the thousands every day, would you remain silent? As you consider this horrific scenario, realize that one of the primary arguments for abortion is to prevent homelessness. Now look closely at the arm and leg of the human being pictured above. How was killing them in the womb because they weren’t wanted any different than killing any other unwanted human being, regardless of where they happen to live?

If the idea of dismembering homeless people disturbs you, so should the act of dismembering innocent prenatal children. How much longer will you continue to ignore the atrocity of human abortion? Here’s your chance to take action to end it. You may be living on the wrong side of history, but you don’t have to die there.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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  1. Having been involved in sidewalk counseling at abortion mills for a long time I can see that most women and men know that the baby is fully human. The excuse is that they just don’t want the child. The baby is just not invited to share their lives. Many times the woman’s whole family has agreed that this baby simply cannot be born. It is such a blessing to see someone personally connected to the woman who comes to the rescue of her little one. Unfortunately this does not happen often. I give out a flier which I wrote called “Not Invited.” It speaks about the baby and how no one will defend her life. We are there to defend this tiny baby and offer help but where is everyone else, the father of the baby, the mother or sister or grandmother of the woman or her best friend? It is just beyond sad how often they all conspire to kill this helpless human being.


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