Month: August 2018

Gosnell Movie

Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer

This is what happens when a society refuses to confront the truth...

/ August 28, 2018

Euthanizing Cancer Patients

Saying we've cured Down syndrome by killing kids in the womb is like saying we've cured cancer by...

/ August 26, 2018
Sperm Cell

The Half Life of Sperm

The epic race to create a new human being deserving of human rights...

/ August 26, 2018
Planned Parenthood Dress

Planned Propaganda

Planned Parenthood is in business for one primary reason...

/ August 24, 2018
Anatomie Placenta

Anatomie Placenta

Exploring the anatomy of the child in utero...

/ August 20, 2018
Watermelon Fetus

Sweet Watermelon Baby

The fruits of our labor bear our most precious gifts...

/ August 19, 2018

A Dissociative Process of Violence

There is violence in abortion, especially in second trimester procedures...

/ August 19, 2018
The Verve Pipe The Freshman

Abortion Will Never Leave You

Now I'm guilt-stricken, sobbin' with my head on the floor...

/ August 18, 2018
9 Week Abortion

A Disturbing Solution to Unwantedness

If the idea of dismembering homeless people disturbs you, so should the act of dismembering innocent prenatal children...

/ August 13, 2018

Beyond Horrifying

The entire abortion debate is not even about whether a fetus is alive or not...

/ August 8, 2018