What if a hypothetical 12 year old was impregnated and wanted to keep it? Where does bodily autonomy run into the rights of minors and their parents to make medical decisions, and the health of the child? I’m still trying to sort out my own opinion about this hypothetical. I’d feel terrible seeing a literal child, mine or not, go through a pregnancy as it would be so dangerous for them, but their body their choice. I just don’t know how to answer.


Honestly? I’m not sure. It’s complicated.

Parents have the responsibility of taking care of their children and that sometimes includes medical decisions that their child is not able to make for themselves, and a 12 year old is not old enough to understand the gravity of their situation. Not to mention the likelihood of csa being involved, 12 year olds do not have the ability to consent and while I’m not a doctor, I have my doubts about a 12 year old carrying a pregnancy to term safely. I work around children, 12 year olds are YOUNG.

Forcing someone to have an abortion is as abhorrent and unacceptable as forcing someone to stay pregnant and give birth when the pregnant person is able to make their own medical decisions independently and give informed consent, but parents are required to look after their child’s best interests. I know that my mother made medical decisions in my best interests that I did not like or want, because I was not able to give informed consent on my own.

I’m skeptical that a 12 year old would want to continue a pregnancy once they truly understand and have the entirety of their situation explained to them impartially. It’s a terrible hypothetical to consider and while I support choice, it is a parent’s responsibility to take care of their children and keep them safe, and 12 year olds are still children. But it would be a matter between the child, their doctor, their parents and potentially child services, not my choice.

So I’m on the side of “children cannot consent to sex or make informed medical decisions for themselves, so because they cannot give informed consent it’s the requirement of their parents and doctors to keep them safe and make medical decisions for them when necessary,” but it’s a complicated matter.

Anyone have anything to add? I hope this makes sense.


I have something to add. You stated that “a 12 year old is not old enough to understand the gravity of their situation”. Yet you firmly believe that a 12 year old should have the right to kill her baby in the womb without parental consent. How can a 12 year old not be mature enough to protect her baby yet ‘responsible’ enough to kill them?

Here’s the answer you’re searching for: No human being should ever kill another human being. Slaughtering babies in the womb isn’t a ‘medical decision’ nor a private matter between parents, their children, and their ‘doctors’. Abortion is a public concern for the same reason abusing toddlers is a public concern. It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a village to protect them.


My eldest adopted daughter is alive today because her biological mother, who was 12 when she got pregnant, chose life. My daughter was born shortly after her bio-mom turned 13.

To say that a child of 12 years should have the right to kill her child, even without parental consent, but not necessarily the right to keep her child is insane. To say that any preborn child does not deserve the right to life, no matter the circumstances of their conception, diminishes the rights of all.

My daughter’s life fits all the exceptions to the rule: she is the child of a 12 year old child, she is the product of incestual rape, she was brought into a very poor family, she was abused, she had a hard life, she was exposed to drugs and alcohol in utero, she ended up being passed around the foster system for a few years… the list goes on. So which of you pro-choicers will stand and tell her to her face that she does not deserve the right to be alive?

There are no reasonable exceptions to the right to life. It is for all or for none.

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