Only humans have turned the natural act of birth into something to be feared and avoided. Only humans have turned the womb into the most violent place on Earth.

Animal Pregnancy Elephant

It’s obvious that there are two elephants in this photo. But when some humans see the image of a human in the womb, they claim that what lives there is only a ‘clump of cells‘, not a member of their human family. This lie is so devoid of logic and science that they must constantly tell each other it’s true to maintain their delusion that abortion isn’t murder.

Humans kill almost 60,000,000 of their own young every year. Humans are the most barbaric and savage species living on this planet. It’s time to restore our humanity and stop reaching into the womb to kill our children. It’s time to end abortion.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.


  1. There are so many couples waiting to take unwanted babies. Abortion is only needed in rare cases. A few months out of a womans life needed to give life, will be rewarded by god.


    1. Around 100,000 couples waiting in the U.S.. True, nine months out of a human beings lifetime is not too much to ask in exchange for love that cares & gives itself to let another live. God tells us to “Love One Another”. Animals do it willingly, they accept what God has given them & most defend their young as bravely & valiantly as the most knoble human being. Yes, God rewards willing mothers.

      If you research it, there is actually no necessity for having your child killed. It’s actually more dangerous in every case to have a baby forcefully removed from your womb. Pregnancy is a natural function, to disrupt it by any violent means (Poisoning, shot to the heart, dismemberment, forced early birth, etc…) is just asking for trouble for yourself & sure death for the baby… Paying someone to kill your baby makes you an accomplice to murder. Ectopic pregnancies are not considered an abortion & they only account for about 1%. There have also been successful transfers to the womb..


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