Here’s a question the ‘Life Begins at Birth’ crowd can never honestly answer. It’s a simple scenario with two outcomes. No one ever wants to pick one, because the correct answer destroys their argument. And there IS a correct answer, which is why the pro-choice crowd hates the question.

You’re in a baby store. The alarm goes off. You run for the exit. As you run down this hallway, you hear a child screaming from behind a door. You throw open the door and find a five-year-old child crying for help. They’re in one corner of the room. In the other corner, you spot a woman pregnant with twins. The smoke is rising. You start to choke. You know you can grab one or the other, but not both before you succumb to smoke inhalation and die, saving no one. Do you A) save the single child, or B) save the pregnant woman and her twins? There is no ‘C’. ‘C’ means you all die.

They will never answer honestly because we all instinctively understand the right answer is B. Saving three people, a pregnant mother and her twins, outweighs the need to save just one.

This question absolutely eviscerates their argument that abortion doesn’t kill babies, and their refusal to answer confirms what they know to be true. No one, anywhere, actually believes a fetus isn’t equivalent to a baby. That person does not exist. They are lying to you.

No one believes life begins at birth. No one believes fetuses aren’t babies. Those who claim otherwise are trying to manipulate you so they can kill innocent children to avoid caring for them. Don’t let them. Use this question to call them out. Reveal them for what they are: people who oppress other people to better their own lives.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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