Bruce Gerencser, a former Christian pastor who now claims to be an atheist ‘humanist’ while advocating for the killing of humans in the womb, posed these 25 questions to those who defend innocent human life. As a pro-life atheist, I felt compelled to respond…

  1. Does life begin at conception? How do you know it does? Is your view based on science or is it based on a religious belief?

Yes, life clearly begins at conception, or more accurately, fertilization. I know this for the embryology textbook tells me so. When a male haploid gamete fuses with a female haploid gamete, a new unique human being is conceived. Since I don’t subscribe to any deities, my knowledge is based on pure science, not delusion.

  1. If life begins at conception, why are you supporting an Ohio bill that makes it illegal to have an abortion once a heartbeat is detected? Does life begin at conception or at first heartbeat?

I support any bill that affirms life. Although life clearly, without question, begins at fertilization, the majority of Americans, like you, are uneducated about biology and, more specifically, embryology. States like Ohio introduce ‘heartbeat’ bills in an effort to both illuminate the humanity of prenatal children and to overturn the unjust Roe v. Wade decision.

  1. Do you support the use of emergency contraception (morning after) drugs? Why not?

You should have ended your question with ‘why or why not’. I do support the use of non-abortifacient emergency contraception. Studies have indicated that products like Plan B do not harm human beings passing through their early embryonic stage and do not prevent implantation. I absolutely oppose the use of drugs like Ella that are designed to intentionally dislodge living human beings from their mother’s endometrium in an effort to kill them.

  1. Should a pro-life pharmacist have the right to not dispense emergency contraception drugs? Should I be allowed to opt out of anything that goes against my moral or ethical beliefs?

Assuming any given pro-life pharmacist agrees with my analysis of the studies indicating that emergency contraceptives do not harm human beings, they would have no reason to object to dispensing these products. If, however, they feel differently based on their own analysis, then yes, they should have the right to abstain from providing these contraceptives. Even the military allows for conscientious objection.

  1. Is abortion murder?

Legally, not yet. Morally, yes. Abortion is, without question, homicide. Just because something is legal does not mean it is right or just. Killing African slaves was legal at one time in America as they were considered personal property. Do you believe they were murdered or simply ‘terminated’.

  1. Do you believe murderers should be prosecuted?

Of course. And when the killing of prenatal children is once again illegal, and more importantly, unthinkable, everyone involved in ripping a child from the safety of their mother’s womb should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. If a mother can be charged for killing her toddler, then she should be equally charged if she were to kill that same child prior to their birth.

  1. Do you believe that driving the get-away car makes a person just as guilty as the person who robbed the bank?

Once again, of course. As I stated in my answer to question 6, everyone involved in killing a prenatal child should be held accountable for their crime. A woman paying someone to kill her husband will be charged with murder just like the assassin. Same goes with paying an abortionist to kill her child.

  1. Do you believe a woman who has an abortion should be prosecuted for murder? How about the doctor who performs the procedure? How about the nurse that assisted in the procedure? How about the person who drove the woman to the clinic? If you believe in the death penalty, do you support the execution of murderers?

I’ve already answered this by answering your leading questions above. Since I don’t believe in killing defenseless human beings, I don’t support the death penalty. Caged humans are defenseless, whether caged in a cell or caged in the womb.

  1. Do you use birth control pills?

No, but I have no objection to the use of non-abortifacient contraceptives.

  1. Should you be prosecuted for murder since birth control pills can, and do, cause spontaneous abortion?

Your assertion that birth control pills cause spontaneous abortion isn’t based on current scientific understanding. The American Association of Pro-life Obstetricians and Gynecologists—whose authors describe themselves as “committed to honoring the sanctity of human life from conception”—concludes based on a thorough evaluation of the available literature that there is not “substantive evidence that hormone contraceptives include an abortifacient mechanism of action.”

  1. Should abortion be allowed for reasons of rape, incest, or saving the life of the mother?

Children conceived through rape or incest are as innocent as their mothers. If you believe, as I do, that every human deserves human rights (which you clearly don’t), then no human, regardless of the manner of their conception, should be killed for the crimes of their father. My daughter was conceived through rape and I assure you that she’s just as valuable a human being as you are.

Regarding the life of the mother, if during an effort to save a mother’s life due to complications of pregnancy her child is lost, this is not an elective abortion, it’s a form of miscarriage. Induced abortion is the elective killing of a child carried by a healthy mother. This is what the pro-life movement opposes.

“As experienced practitioners and researchers in obstetrics and gynecology, we affirm that direct abortion – the purposeful destruction of the unborn child – is not medically necessary to save the life of a woman. We uphold that there is a fundamental difference between abortion, and necessary medical treatments that are carried out to save the life of the mother, even if such treatment results in the loss of life of her unborn child. We confirm that the prohibition of abortion does not affect, in any way, the availability of optimal care to pregnant women.” — Dublin Declaration, signed by over one thousand medical professionals

  1. If you answered yes to question eleven, do you support murdering the fetus if it is the product of rape or incest?

I answered no to question 11, but I do congratulate you on acknowledging that ripping a child out of the safety of their mother’s womb with the sole intent of killing them is a form of murder. We’re making progress.

  1. Should a fetus be aborted if the mother’s life is at risk?

Please see question 11 and my reference to the Dublin Declaration.

  1. Do you support murdering the unborn if it saves the life of the mother?

Once again, see my response to question 11. You’re really pushing hard to kill babies, aren’t you? Did you know that over 97% of abortions are committed against healthy babies carried by healthy mothers?

  1. Is your viewpoint on abortion a religious belief?

As I’ve stated, I’m an atheist. Abortion isn’t a religious issue, it’s a human rights issue.

  1. What passage in the Bible prohibits abortion? Does this passage define life beginning at conception?

Clearly, I’m no theologist, but I routinely see this passage quoted: “I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb. Before you were born I set you apart and appointed you as my prophet to the nations.” Jeremiah 1:5

Also, according to Christian beliefs, Jesus Christ, their Lord Savior, was placed in the womb of a mortal human being. If abortion was legal at the time, Mary could have aborted the son of God. Seems to me their God would not approve of killing his children. But once again, I’m no expert on religion.

  1. Has God ever killed the unborn?

According to the bible which professes to contain the word of their God, absolutely and repeatedly. Once again, abortion isn’t a religious issue, it’s a human rights issue.

  1. In Genesis, God destroyed every human save eight by drowning them in a flood. Were any of the women who drowned pregnant? Did God kill the fetuses they were carrying? (Kill the mother, kill the fetus.)

Per this religious account of history, of which I do not subscribe, it’s obvious that pregnant mothers would have been drowned and their children directly killed by the Christian God. World population estimates for this period indicate that approximately 27,000,000 people lived on the surface of the Earth when the great flood is claimed to have occured around 2300 BC. Approximately 2.3 percent of women are pregnant at any given moment, placing the number of prenatal children killed at around 621,000. Compare this to the 1,075,000 babies killed by abortion every week during our time.

  1. Do you support the death penalty? Do you support war?

As I stated in question 8, I don’t support the death penalty. The state should never condone nor participate in the act of killing defenseless human beings. This only serves to undermine the pro-life position. It’s illegal to kill Prisoners of War and it should be illegal to kill Prisoners of the State, just as it should be illegal to kill babies in the womb.

No one wants war, but sometimes war is necessary. There are only two circumstances when killing another human being is warranted: 1) in defense of one’s own life; and 2) in defense of another’s life. This principle applies to groups as well. Would you argue that we should not have confronted the Nazis during open warfare to protect the freedom and lives of non-Aryan people? If we hadn’t joined the fight, billions of people would have been exterminated and the Swastika would be flying from every government building in the world. Unfortunately, wars must sometimes be fought to protect the innocent.

  1. If you answered yes to question nineteen, why do you oppose the killing of the unborn but support the killing of those already born?

I made my point clear in my answer to question 19. To summarize: innocent and/or defenseless human beings should never be killed.

  1. Why do you believe that killing the unborn is murder but consider an American bomb killing a baby three hours old a tragic result of war, collateral damage, but not murder?

This question can more clearly be answered with an analogy: If a police officer responding to a hostage situation where the assailant is about to start shooting his hostages in the head one-by-one unintentionally kills one of the hostages while shooting the assailant, should the officer be charged with murder? Clearly, he wouldn’t be. In fact, he would be lauded for his action in saving the remainder of the hostages. The difference in this case, as well as collateral damage during warfare, is that the killing of an innocent person is unintentional, whereas in abortion, the killing of an innocent person is intended.

  1. Do you support birth control being readily available in every school? Isn’t your objective to reduce or eliminate the need for an abortion. Wouldn’t easily available, free access to birth control reduce the abortion rate?

Yes, non-abortifacient birth control should be readily and freely available everywhere and anywhere sexually active human beings exist. I’m also in favor of teaching sex education in school with an emphasis on taking responsibility for the lives of any children conceived following sexual intercourse. When responsible sex education is coupled with access to effective birth control, it follows that the abortion rate would decline.

  1. Do you believe it is better for a severely deformed child to live for a day and die than for the fetus to be aborted? If so, explain why it is better for the child to suffer needlessly?

Children born with life-limiting disabilities do not suffer. Perinatal hospices and palliative care exist for this very purpose. Many parents who experience this heartbreaking situation donate their child’s organs to other children in need, saving lives. Additionally, aborting a late-term child is hardly pain-free for the baby being dismembered or injected with poison to induce cardiac arrest.

If you wouldn’t kill a born child with a disability, you shouldn’t kill a preborn child with a disability. This is the ultimate form of ableism.

  1. Do you believe that God is in control of everything? Does everything include children being born deformed or with serious defects that will result in a life of extreme suffering and pain?

The hypocrisy of a God that creates deformed children that must needlessly suffer, along with allowing millions of children to starve to death around the world, are but a few of the many reasons why I’m not religious. Once again, abortion isn’t a religious issue, it’s a human rights issue. We shouldn’t kill our own young to avoid the responsibility of caring for them.

  1. Is someone a Christian if he or she supports abortion?

Based on my non-religious perspective and assessment, I can’t see how you could claim to be a Christian while rejecting the word of the God you profess to follow. After all, killing is explicitly forbidden by their God in his Ten Commandments. Abortion is absolutely killing, and from their perspective, it’s the absolute killing of children created in the image of their God. They may claim to be Christian, but clearly fall short. Words are meaningless without demonstrated actions backing those words up.

If you are going to fight for the lives of innocent prenatal children, I encourage you to fight from a secular perspective, even if you subscribe to a deity. Your words will reach people deaf to religious dogma and begin to change the hearts and minds of those who claim to support human rights and equality.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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  1. ‘Knowing what to do’ … How do we all stop “the Death Society” repeating … the evolved repeats of such “Social / Cultural Mores” while those liars rewrite to applied dogmas – the liars’ rewrites – the lies continue to be rewritten over and over with no improvement to outcomes … – too many have been lead to the butcher’s table – to believe the lie of such ‘Absurd Nihilistic Mores’ … “the abortionist is killing both the child and the mother” and we are all responsible … – for the ‘Absurd Nihilism’ the repeat is ‘Narcissistic’ chaos … the vacuum of those who believe in their Eugenics … Extinction or Life is no choice … the only choice has always been ‘Life’ – respecting all life … an evolving ‘Death Society’ is not ‘Life’ … the evolution of a Death Society and the results are incomprehensible …


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