Month: July 2018

Baboon Giving Birth

The Freedom of Birth

Only one species has turned the womb into a place of violence...

/ July 15, 2018

What Men Were Meant to Be

Abortion would be a thing of the past if our men would stand up and be men...

/ July 12, 2018
Supreme Court Nominee

The Fight to Overturn Roe v. Wade

In the midst of the truth they don't want to hear, liberals only have one option left...

/ July 12, 2018
Preemie Incubator

Caring for a Fetus Outside the Womb

Helpful advice for raising precious preemies...

/ July 10, 2018
Bloody Hand

‘Doctors’ Play with Aborted Babies

How much longer will you allow abortion to undermine the value of human life...

/ July 9, 2018
15 Week Abortion

Be Too Brave to Lie

Don't ever let anyone tell you that what you see with your own eyes isn't happening...

/ July 8, 2018
Fetal Illustration

An Atheist Debate on Abortion

True Humanists are pro-science and pro-life...

/ July 7, 2018
Burning Pregnant Woman

Burning Building Thought Experiment

This questions makes it clear that life begins at conception...

/ July 7, 2018

Reproductive Biology Lessons

I must have missed the lesson in reproductive biology where they talked about...

/ July 5, 2018
Timshel Mumford and Sons

You Are Not Alone in This

As brothers we will stand and we'll hold your hand...

/ July 4, 2018