Anthony Kennedy

Pro-abortion Justice Anthony Kennedy enabled the killing of millions of innocent little American boys and girls awaiting their turn at birth. These children were killed because ‘Justice’ Kennedy believes that some humans don’t deserve human rights. He claims to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America, yet the Constitution contains no right to kill prenatal children. He let his ideology override the words written into our founding documents, including the explicitly written right to life contained in the 14th Amendment.

Our Founding Fathers never included the ‘right’ to kill our own young in the Constitution because reaching into a pregnant mother’s womb to intentionally harm her baby was unthinkable to them, as it should be to us. Ripping the arms and legs off of defenseless children during excruciatingly painful abortions is inhuman and will forever define not only Mr. Kennedy, but all those who support this barbaric practice.

As described by Abortionist Leroy Carhart, the D&E procedure requires the abortionist to use instruments to grasp a portion (such as a foot or hand) of a developed and living fetus and drag the grasped portion out of the uterus into the vagina. The traction created by the opening between the uterus and vagina is used to dismember the fetus, tearing the grasped portion away from the remainder of the body. The traction between the uterus and vagina is essential to the procedure because attempting to abort a fetus without using that traction is described by Carhart as “pulling the cat’s tail” or “dragging a string across the floor, you’ll just keep dragging it. It’s not until something grabs the other end that you are going to develop traction.” The fetus, in many cases, dies just as a human adult or child would: It bleeds to death as it is torn limb from limb.

The fetus can be alive at the beginning of the dismemberment process and can survive for a time while its limbs are being torn off. Carhart agreed that “when you pull out a piece of the fetus, let’s say, an arm or a leg and remove that, at the time just prior to removal of the portion of the fetus, … the fetus is alive.” Carhart has observed fetal heartbeat via ultrasound with “extensive parts of the fetus removed,” and testified that mere dismemberment of a limb does not always cause death because he knows of a physician who removed the arm of a fetus only to have the fetus go on to be born “as a living child with one arm.” At the conclusion of a D&E abortion no intact fetus remains. In Carhart’s words, the abortionist is left with “a tray full of pieces.”

The above is a description of the commonly used Dilation and Evacuation abortion ‘procedure’ used to kill thousands of children every year in America. The same America that was founded on the idea that each of us were created equal and have an inalienable right to life. This is what Anthony Kennedy repeatedly allowed to continue in the home of the brave. Dismembering defenseless babies doesn’t sound very brave to us.

Learn how to overturn Roe v. Wade and restore America’s promise, a promise denied to millions by Justice Kennedy’s swing vote on abortion.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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