Instead of trying to save clumps of cells that don’t need saving, maybe you could adopt some children or fucking save people already on this planet. A person’s decision to get an abortion or not does not concern you. You need to not poke your head into other people’s business. Go fuck yourself.


First, this is what I’m saving…

Amniotic Sac

These children are ‘clumps of cells’ in the same way you are, existing on the same planet as you. They are well ordered cells following a precise set of instructions encoded in their DNA to form a living human being.

This is a cancerous tumor and more accurately reflects the concept of a ‘clump of cells’…

Cancerous Tumor [Breast Cancer]

Clearly, I’m not trying to save ‘clumps of cells’, I’m trying to save innocent children passing through a stage of life you once passed through.

Someone’s decision to abort their child is absolutely my concern, in the same way it’s my concern if my neighbor decided to kill their toddler. In fact, if I had knowledge that my neighbor had a plan to end their toddler’s life and I failed to take action to intervene, I could be held criminally liable. Just because killing that same toddler prior to their birth is currently legal doesn’t mean I’m absolved of the moral responsibility to attempt to intervene in their destruction. Nor does it absolve you of yours.

Never use the law to determine the difference between right and wrong. Remember slavery?

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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