Aborting a child is always an act of cruelty. Killing a child because their genome contains an extra chromosome is an act of genocide. In fact, abortion is simply majority ruled murder. Don’t believe it? Consider these common scenarios for executing human beings in the womb…

  • A single mother is carrying her toddler’s sibling but doesn’t want to parent the younger child.
  • An ultrasound indicates that a child has a cleft palate.
  • A couple with two girls is pregnant with a third but they prefer a boy this time.
  • A mother is carrying twins but only wants one of the children.
  • A married couple decides to divorce while pregnant and they desire a clean break.

In every one of these cases, people with the legal power to kill can, and often do, make the choice to exterminate a member of their own family to avoid the inconvenience of their existence.

None of these scenarios have anything to do with freedom and equality as espoused by the selfish refrain of ‘my body, my choice’. Instead, they have everything to do with the brutal oppression of the weakest members of our human family.

Push back against the idea that we should have the ‘right’ to murder our children based on where they happen to live.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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