As a pro-life atheist, I remain confused by ‘pro-choice’ Christians. They claim each of us were made in the image of their God and follow a doctrine that includes a commandment from that same God not to kill other humans, yet they advocate for doing just that. Even more baffling, they believe that the son of their God was delivered into our world as a prenatal child — a child they believe deserved no human rights.

Mary Birthing Jesus
Mary Birthing Jesus
Mary Birthing Jesus
Mary Birthing Jesus

A child they believe their mother should have had the right to kill on demand and without apology. Strangely, according to their beliefs, if Mary, the mother of Jesus (God himself?), had aborted him, they would not have been saved from their sins.

These Christians also believe they will be judged by their God upon death. How will they explain their support for the killing of millions of their God’s children, who, once again, they believe were created by him in his image?

If you are a Christian, please help us non-believers understand this seeming hypocrisy in the comments below.

Posted by cultureshift

A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.


  1. There is no Christian that is Pro Choice.
    As a Christian you are Pro LIFE!
    IF a person claims to be Christian and the say abortion is okay, then you know they are not really a Christian.


  2. Sharolyn Heffron May 23, 2018 at 11:19 am

    I’m not sure which self-proclaimed Christians you are referring to. I am a Christian. I believe in the Holy Bible and the Saving Grace of Jesus Christ. If you truly want to know what a Bible believing Christian stands on as the Truth, read the Bible. We believe it to be the Holy Scripture breathed by God into the mind of man so it could be written down for us to follow as we walk in our Faith on this earth. Nowhere in the Bible will you find support for the Act of Abortion. God knew Mary had enough faith to carry His only Son all the way through to a natural birth. Otherwise, He never would have chosen her. When Jesus was walking to Jerusalem one day (as Israelites are required to return to that city at certain times of the year for Holidays and/or the collection of taxes), many people brought their little babies to Him for Him to lay His hands on them (pray for them). Jesus’ Disciples, aka most important followers, tried to stop them from interfering with His journey. But Jesus told them they should stop doing that and allow the children to come to Him. He said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.”
    ‭‭Luke‬ ‭18:16-17‬ ‭NIV‬‬
    If Jesus actually tells His followers that His Kingdom belongs to the babies of this world, and that we should all have innocent, childlike faith, do you really think the Father of our Faith would condone abortion? It is the opinion of Bible believing Christians that He would not. There are other Bible passages that speak to this issue. I don’t think I should take the time or space to list them all here. I simply want to give you an idea of how the Christian Faith really stands on abortion. I could go on, but for your sake, I won’t. If you truly are seeking an answer to this question, pick up a Bible and read it for yourself. Start with the New Testament, you’ll likely find it more interesting. Then go back and read the Old Testament. You will see how the two are intertwined.
    I’m not an official in any church. I simply attend church and have studied the Bible for myself. So, I have no agenda here except for attempting to help you with your question. I gave you the information that came to my mind as I read your question. I hope it helps you in some way. God bless you in your inquiry into the issues that concern you.


  3. Chris Griffin May 23, 2018 at 2:51 pm

    The original post by cultureshift was correctly referring to the Christian denominations called Methodist, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Episcopal and some other smaller denominations which do support abortion. This is NOT true of the Catholic or Orthodox Churches which oppose abortion 100%.

    Cultureshift’s post is entirely correct that Christians supporting abortion is a grave sin against God and a sharing in the sin of abortion.

    THOU SHALL NOT KILL (murder) is the fundamental and absolute prohibition of abortion. It is also the fundamental law of every civilized society that has ever been on earth, religious or not, atheist or not, it comes from God himself.


    1. It is entirely correct that Catholicism condemns abortion. In fact, if you look at a detailed examination of conscience (basically a guide to help you identify things that are sins that you should confess in confession), abortion is mentioned under the commandment to not kill. To participate or actively procure an abortion can result in automatic excommunication from the church.


  4. Sharolyn Heffron May 23, 2018 at 4:22 pm

    Absolutely agree Chris. You referred to one of The Ten Commandments written in stone by the finger of God Himself. There is No more direct evidence than that on where His church should stand on this issue!


  5. The only Christians that are pro choice are those that are 1) cultural Christians with no real faith and knowledge of scripture 2) those that are immature Christians like I was when I was 18, and afraid of being raped 3) those that think they are christin and twist And misinterpret scripture to fit there own adgenda and make their own god.
    THIS is one of the many reasons that theology is so inportant and for EVERY Christian, and not just the intellectuals. It is necessary to correctly understand and apply Scripture.
    It is either all truth and all relevant and no contradictions or it is all lies.
    Jesus was not a just a good teacher, he was either the son of God or a madman.
    That’s it.


  6. Cultureshift
    When your email arrived, I looked through it with curiosity. I have found it to be one of the most hard-hitting and therefore effective tools in the fight against abortion. I am happy to send raw footage to anyone who dares to consider themselves “pro choice”.

    Last year Australia, where I live, had a debate on liberalizing abortion laws. The change was to be – on demand, up to birth. Unsurprisingly, it created great uproar.

    When the pastor of my (evangelical) church noted that there would be a march against abortion, he was immediately cut off by certain women in the congregation who said he was “being unfair to the women who had had abortions. What about them?”

    I wasn’t there, but had I been I would have countered by saying, “What about them? They need to understand that they have taken a human life for selfish reasons. They need to get some powerful healing”.

    When I went to the march, I noted that the Orthodox and Catholic denominations were highly represented. Families, kids in tow in prams. Their men wore T-shirts or jewelry representing their faith.They are unashamed of their beliefs.

    Evangelicals were under-represented. My own church of around 100 families sent 6 people including me.

    The biggest problem with evangelical churches today is that the Protestant doctrine of Scripture being sole authority means individuals will cherry-pick what suits them and ignore the inconvenient. This is not what the teaching is meant to be and definitely not the way Christ Himself intended His teachings to be.

    It is a grievous weakness, because it means feminism will not be challenged in female believer’s lives anymore than men’s fornication will be. Both are sinful.


    1. Spike–Seems like the certain women hadn’t faced up to the fact that having an abortion means that you have paid someone to kill your child. And like any sin which any of us has committed, we must come to the place of feeling sorry for what we have done and asking God for forgiveness. In doing this, they will find forgiveness from him and healing and can look forward to seeing their child in heaven. They will no longer have to carry that load of guilt & avoid facing up to it….

      Many types of “church” organizations pick and choose what they want to follow, and some do not know God because they simply don’t read his book regularly & thoroughly to find out, nor do they take seriously that loving God means following him. They would rather do the things that are most convenient and comfortable. That is where the fault lies… in them… They are “luke-warm”.

      True scripture alone teaching is not about picking & choosing, it’s about knowing God through Jesus Christ; & his life and record are absolutely true. He is far deeper than we can even fathom, but we won’t find out unless we dig for the treasures in His Word. I challenge you to dig deeper to find that this is true…

      “He who seeks me will find me if he searches for me with all his heart, soul, mind, and strength….”


      1. Brenda Ann: Thank you for your reply, which i have only now (March 23rd) seen. I agree with you whole-heartedly regarding your remarks on church-going women who hadn’t faced up to the fact that they have paid someone to kill their own children.

        This is part of a far-broader issue facing the evangelical church: It’s failure to come to terms with the various sexual and social revolutions of the past 50 years (“cultural revolutions”).

        Evangelicals, mainly university -educated, think they can fuse the best secular and Christian cultures have to offer, as summarised in the attitude: “You can be an educated professional white-collar person and still be an intelligent Christian”.

        This is true. You can be those things. But you cannot fuse secular and Christian morality. Nor can you raise your sons and daughters the same way, because they are different, have different biological roles, different social roles and different biological clocks.

        Raising a son to be a provider is good: his aim is to become a husband, father and family provider. Not so a daughter: She will need an education since it is a practicality now that she will have to work during her life. But, since she has a finite biological clock, this should not be her main aim in life. That should be – dare I say it – to secure a good prospective husband while still young so ensure a family unit will be viable.

        Nowdays, Christian parents DO NOT TRUST GOD to deliver this for their children. They tacitly approve of no-fault divorce “in case [their daughter] makes a mistake”. They tacitly approve of abortion on demand “in case she has an accident”- meaning she gets pregnant during the course of her pursuing education and career. Both of these destroys the family unit, undermining young men who increasingly find that marriage has nothing to offer them, and causing their daughters to end their lives childless and unhappy in increasing numbers. Both of these exist because modern evangelicals need to genuinely understand scripture, and genuinely trust God to deliver what He says when we OBEY Him.

        God bless you and your families (assuming many read this!)


  7. Pro-choice Christians must not actually believe in God, not in the Christian one anyway. How could you ever think it would pass at the Pearly Gates to explain that you supported killing of unborn children in the favor of their parents’ right to have sex without the responsibility for the offspring? You can be forgiven anything, even abortion or supporting abortion, but not if you do not repent.


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