Hanoi Washing Aborted BabiesWhile others are peacefully sleeping, a group of volunteers work together to bathe aborted babies in preparation for burial at the Doi Coc cemetery in Vietnam.

The ceremony on Sunday, March 20, 2018, drew tears from many witnesses. For Cuong, as well as other members of the group, the ceremony was both sad and shocking.

“The ceremony included twins and over 600 additional babies. Every two weeks we do a burial; each month more than 1,000 babies are buried, a terrible number.”

“During the ceremony, both mothers and fathers witnessed the burial of their children. I think if they witness the burial of hundreds of aborted babies, it will really awaken their consciences.”

The quiet cemetery is similar to any other, but the perfectly lined rows of white tombs hold thousands of aborted children that villagers brought back and buried out of respect for human life, something the families of these children lacked.

For years, the locals in Thanh Xuan Village didn’t want outsiders to know about their selfless act of finding a resting place for the abandoned babies. They said it was simply an act of sympathy for the children. But a few months ago, word about the cemetery reached the media.

“We did not want the focus to be on us,” said Nguyen Van Thao, who takes care of the cemetery. He was one of the first villagers to become involved in the task. “We try our very best to make sure that our acts help ease the suffering of these souls.”

According to Thao, a local villager saw an aborted baby on the side of the road about eighteen years ago — and buried them.

Hanoi Washing Aborted Babies

“We believe that each has a soul,” he said. “They were supposed to be born, but for some reason they were not, but they do not deserve to be abandoned.”

Word spread and since then, hundreds of villagers have repeated this act of humanity. Some even travel many miles to private abortion centers to honor the aborted children with a burial.

The Vietnam Health Ministry estimates 300,000 abortions are committed each year in Vietnam. But that only includes public hospitals, not the 31,000 private abortion facilities plaguing the country.

Most major public hospitals in Hanoi bury the children they kill, but many private centers disregard the honor and dump the bodies as human waste.

This callous attitude toward human life likely explains why the number of dead babies in the village cemetery is rising.

No matter where in this world you live, you can also honor the lives of those cruelly ripped from their mother’s womb by working to end the tragedy of abortion. Learn how to take action in your own way to restore our lost humanity.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.


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