Month: April 2018

Michelle Wolf Entertains the Press

Media elites can only laugh about aborting a baby because they were safely born...

/ April 30, 2018

Life’s Nuclear Triad

Our lives consist of three powerful forces: conception, birth and death...

/ April 29, 2018
Save the Baby Humans

Pandas for Life

Humans are the only animals on Earth that slaughter their own young in the womb...

/ April 27, 2018

A View Into the Heart of Abortion

An eyeball just fell down into my lap, and that is gross...

/ April 25, 2018
Ultrasound Art Gallery

Admiring the Art of Life

Nature's greatest work of art lies within us...

/ April 25, 2018
Abortion Regret

Modern Feminism Fails Women

Reject the idea that you're not strong enough to protect your child...

/ April 25, 2018
Amniotic Sac

Life Inside the Amniotic Sac

You've always been perfectly human and perfectly you...

/ April 24, 2018
Abortion 24 Weeks

Another Little Girl Killed by Modern Feminism

Abortion kills over 75,000 little girls every day, yet modern feminists claim abortion protects women...

/ April 19, 2018
Grow a Pair

Strong Women Reject Abortion

Real feminists cradle life, they don't destroy it...

/ April 17, 2018

The Struggle to Kill Babies

The fetus is a tough little object and taking it apart is very difficult...

/ April 15, 2018