This illustration and step-by-step guide to human reproduction and early childhood are provided in an effort to educate those who use abortion as a means of controlling the birth of the children they conceive.

Sexual Reproduction Illustration

  1. Penis is inserted into vagina (usually more than once)
  2. Orgasm is reached by the male (female orgasm optional)
  3. Male ejaculates into vagina (300 million haploid DNA carriers on a mission)
  4. One, and only one, olympic class sperm penetrates the ovum (mission accomplished)
  5. Haploid DNA carriers fuse into a (wait for it…) human being
  6. Unique individual person begins their life (just like you did)
  7. Growth begins on the road trip to the uterus (traveling the equivalent of 94 miles in three days)
  8. Implantation into the endometrium occurs a few days later (home for the next 37 weeks)
  9. Graduates from the embryonic to fetal stage of life in eight weeks (reacts to stimuli just four weeks later)
  10. Yawns, scratches, smiles, and sucks thumb (hard habit to break)
  11. Eavesdrops on the world outside (startled by loud noises, so shhhh)
  12. Transitions from aquatic to gaseous environment (happy birthday!)

You once made this exact same journey (check out that little round scar on your abdomen for proof). Now that you know how babies are made and grow, please be responsible with sex.

Sometimes babies like to surprise us (like I did and my son did). When this happens, be responsible with their lives. After all, your mother was with yours.

Watch this amazing video to learn more…

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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