Confront Abortion

Millions go about their day without a thought about the most pressing issue of our time. They consume the daily distractions provided by the news media, television shows, music, and theater. What they are purposefully avoiding is the truth that there’s a holocaust happening all around them. This tragedy is enabled because they don’t want to confront the reality of what we have allowed ourselves to become: a society that destroys its own young to avoid the responsibility of caring for them.

Apathy and evil. The two work hand in hand. They are the same, really…. Evil wills it. Apathy allows it. Evil hates the innocent and the defenseless most of all. Apathy doesn’t care as long as it’s not personally inconvenienced.

We have a real choice to make. Do we continue to look away while millions of our fellow human beings are killed for no other reason than their mere existence among us, or do we find the courage to face the truth? The answer, thus far, has been apathy and indifference. This choice is made possible only because those adopting this path have nothing to personally fear from abortion now that they’ve been safely born. We champion the heroes who live among us who take bold stands in the face of withering assault, yet most cower in the comfort of their placid existence, afraid to speak up out of concern for what others might think of them. The time has come to become one of the heroes. The time has come to throw off the warm blanket of apathy and take a stand against what is so clearly wrong.

As you contemplate the idea of leaving your comfort zone, consider that tomorrow alone over 150,000 of your fellow human beings will die by abortion. They will perish because the majority of adults, those responsible for caring for children, will do nothing to defend them. These are the same adults that once clinged to their mothers by their umbilical cord for life. The same adults who tell themselves that every human should possess human rights and that every child is precious.

Here’s your chance to be a hero. What side of history will you die on?

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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