A new human being is about to begin the next chapter of their life as their mother’s cervix dilates in preparation for their birth. This rite of passage turns a page in most of our journeys, a page every human being should be allowed to pen. If you’re reading this, it’s a page you likely turned. If you were born through Cesarean section, you may have taken a different route, but your time in the womb was just as important.

Serving as the gateway to life, the cervix passes sperm into the uterus on its way to fertilize an egg. When this incredible union sparks the beginning of a new human life, the cervix will gently close its gates and patiently wait for nine months in anticipation of another passage.

Of all the incredible mysteries of the universe, all pale in comparison to the reproduction of human life and the complex processes that result in our ability to draw each new breath. Our mother’s bodies not only nurtured and protected us during our most vulnerable stages of development, they cradled us in the warmth of an organ specifically evolved to do one thing — write the opening chapter of our story.

As you consider your beginning, realize that thousands of people’s stories are erased every day through abortion. Abortion destroys the most beautiful thing about being human, it destroys the beauty of our own young. The gateway to life should never be forced open for the explicit purpose of killing a child, yet that’s exactly what abortionists do for a living. They wake up each day to reach into the womb and kill defenseless human beings. Tiny human beings just like you once were.

Let’s once again make the womb the safest place to live on Earth by restoring human rights for every human that lives among us — and within us. Here’ how.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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