Pregnant Mother Cradling Children

Only two of the three people in this beautiful family photo possess human rights. Only two are protected by the laws of their society. We like to say that all humans are equal, yet we live in a world awash in human abortion — a world that we created and a world that we continue to allow to exist. This image makes clear that every human being is a person and that every human being deserves dignity and belonging.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.


  1. To make a point you do not have to use bad language, it is not offensive to you but to others is. Have we created a world where bad language is the norm. I do not support abortion and will not pretend to know why women do it. But I also understand that I might not know all that I need to know to understand, having not walked in their shoes.


    1. No bad language was used, unless you consider ‘abortion’ bad language. Granted, it’s a horrible word, but not considered offensive to those who believe it’s a ‘human right’ to kill humans. You claim to oppose abortion, but seem to leave room for it’s barbaric practice because you haven’t walked in the shoes of those who kill their prenatal children. Would you need to walk in the shoes of the mothers who kill their toddlers to know that killing toddlers is wrong and that there’s never a good enough reason to slaughter them?


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