Month: January 2018

Down Syndrome Newborn

We’re Killing People Because They’re Different

There is no greater injustice in this world than killing an innocent child...

/ January 31, 2018
Stages of Pregnancy

An Act of True Feminism

Women protecting women.

/ January 30, 2018

Sexual Liberty

We have made sexual liberty such an idol we are willing to...

/ January 29, 2018
Joy Villa Grammys Dress

Joy Villa Shows the Grammys the Value of Life

Join this birth mother and spread the Joy of Life!

/ January 28, 2018

Abortion Destroys the Love of Your Life

Hold on to the greatest love of all.

/ January 28, 2018
Birth Certificate

The Gateway to New Life

Explore your journey to now...

/ January 28, 2018
A Choice to Lose You

What Would My Life Have Been Without You?

Always protect your child, no matter what...

/ January 27, 2018

Baby Inside and Out

Our size and age don't determine our personhood, our humanity does.

/ January 27, 2018
Pressured to Abort

The Strength to Resist Abortion

A testament to true feminism and the value of human life...

/ January 25, 2018
Disney Babies

The Magic of New Life

These mothers make the world sparkle.

/ January 24, 2018