Does this look like a human right to you? Over 153,000 prenatal children are brutally killed every DAY! Some claim that this is a necessary evil, that mothers will kill their children anyway, so we should make it ‘safe and legal’. Does this look safe for the person being ripped apart in this video?

Those who angrily protest for the right to do this to children are sick and depraved. Their anger is primarily directed toward those who show the reality of abortion to the sleeping masses. They do everything they can to keep videos like this hidden away. Unfortunately for them, those who value human life will not relent in the defense of those scheduled to die today. Will you join us?

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.


  1. The baby’s gaze as his head is taken out is very funny.


  2. This is fake the baby was already dead before this procedure was performed


  3. Abortion is a necessary evil. Pretty? No, but imagine millions of unwanted kids coming into the world each year. Not only would we quickly be in an overpopulation crisis but there simply would be no one to care for them all. Government foster care is limited and so are available adoptive homes. About 60 million abortions have happened in the last 50 years in America alone. Can you imagine the strain our country would face trying to care for over 60 million orphans in such a short time period? Even with abortion legal, there’s still about 400,000 kids in the US without permanent homes. Once pro-lifers can find safe long-term homes for ALL 60+ million kids then maybe we can talk and agree that abortion has become an unneeded evil that can be done away with, but the rough truth is it can’t be done. There’s just not enough room and resources. This is why the government keeps abortion legal despite it’s gruesome nature, they know there would be an orphan epidemic without it, I’m talking so bad that babies are literally being left in the streets and flushed in toilets. Advocating for birth control and Sexual Education is your best bet at actually stopping unwanted pregnancies and therefore abortions, but ironically anti-choicers tend to be against that too.


    1. The sad truth is that a great percentage, if not even the majority of those 60 million children would eventually have changed the hearts of their mothers if they’d been given enough time, and would now be living with their biological families. The great fallacy of the unwantedness argument is to presume the unwanted child stays unwanted in perpetuity.


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