I spent my entire life NOT wanting to get pregnant. I would dump guys who wanted children. I was college and career minded, earning multiple degrees, and taking birth control pills religiously. No kids for me, nosiree. I finally married someone who had a vasectomy after I assured him I didn’t want kids.

Well a few years into the marriage, I was where I was supposed to be, doing what I was supposed to be doing, but was rendered unconscious and raped. I came to, none the wiser. It wasn’t long before my body began changing, though. I was smelling things I couldn’t smell before. I was going to the bathroom much more frequently. I could no longer do certain yoga positions because my breasts were too tender to stand that kind of pressure. I was weak from low iron levels, but people kept telling me how good I looked. I was hot all the time. I realized I was pregnant.

Something changed within me. Instead of dreading having this child, and instead of hating the child conceived from rape, I chose life for my child. I opened myself up to loving this child with everything within me. It is the natural way of life. No matter the circumstances, I challenge every pregnant woman out there to embrace the love, embrace the life. Even if you decide you cannot raise the child on your own, there are couples out there who would love the opportunity to raise him or her. Let your child live. Choose LOVE. Choose LIFE.


There is no crime in not wanting children, the crime is in killing them after they are conceived. You embodied not only your child, but the wisdom necessary to realize that their life mattered just as much as yours.

What I work tirelessly at each day, whether online or in the ‘real world’, is to convince my fellow human beings of that which you have already discovered. Your awakening came from within when you overcame fear with love. Most people are devoid of your natural ability to embrace the beauty of life, however it may manifest itself.

Abortion has led us down a path that cannot end well. Regardless of the clarity of one’s personal crystal ball, only darkness presents itself. As life begets life, so too does death beget death.

In America, we’ve been slaughtering our children in the womb for almost fifty years, destroying nearly 60,000,000 innocent lives. Three distinct generations have now grown up awash in human abortion, their views about the value of life severely diminished as compared to previous generations. The saddest commentary on this horrific reality is that one-third of these generations are missing, killed by their own parents. It’s the survivors that now perpetuate the killing because they’ve been convinced that it’s their ‘human right’ to terminate humans.

It is my hope that stories like yours can help to convince others that their internal light has the power to chase away the darkness and overcome any evil. I congratulate you for sharing that light.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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