As people grapple with how to stop humans from killing their own young in the womb, many point to technology as the answer. They claim that nothing can be done to reverse the devastating impact of a near global legalization of abortion — laws that underwrite the immorality of mothers and fathers exterminating their sons and daughters who threaten their standard of living.

Pregnant Cyborg

Artificial wombs are currently under development, so much so that fetal animals have already successfully lived inside them. As incredible as this technology is, it will not end the destruction of vulnerable prenatal children. In fact, it will likely have the opposite effect.

Artificial Womb

Abortion has so eroded the value of human life that it’s impossible to believe that scientists won’t leverage artificial wombs as a way to grow human beings for the explicit purpose of harvesting their stem cells, their organs, their blood, and their very lives. After all, organizations like Advanced Bioscience Resources and StemExpress already partner with Planned Parenthood, hovering like vultures over the remains of the innocent children killed there, all in the pursuit of science…and money.

“There are fields, Neo, endless fields where human beings are no longer born…we are grown.” — Morpheus

Changing where or how a child is gestated will not suddenly cure the root cause of what drives human abortion. The born have actively preyed on the preborn for over half a century to advance their own health and their own lifestyles. We have so devolved as a species that we even use our aborted children’s stem cells to enhance the flavor of our foods and to bolster the benefits of beauty products. This taste of blood will not dissipate without a full reckoning of who and what we have become.

Harvesting Fetal Tissue

This reckoning will not come in the form of a supernatural apocalypse, it will come when the children we have raised to embrace the killing of their children shift their focus toward us as we age and become a burden to be eased. As the generations who have been repeatedly told that killing members of their own family through abortion is a ‘human right’ begin to take the reins of power, full access to assisted suicide and euthanasia is destined to become the next ‘human right’.

When we gave ourselves the right to kill our children, we gave our children the right to kill us. Though we reap what we sow, it’s not too late to plant a new crop founded on the beauty and dignity of every human life.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.


  1. Your website is such an inspiration that I feel ashamed of myself for not doing and saying all the things that you do and say.

    I will make one other comment that may not be your cup of tea…abortion is so ingrained and legal nearly worldwide that it will only end when the pro-aborts abort themselves out of existence. It will be a long, torturous and bloody path but there is no other way and it will happen someday.


  2. Thanks for spreading the good word of science. I can’t wait to sign up to work for these medical pioneers after college


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