The debate over abortion — an argument over whether or not we should be killing our own young, is often lost in abstractions involving a heavy use of euphemisms and half truths. I’ll let these three children demonstrate what abortion is and what it does to those who must endure its barbaric practice.

20 Week 3d Ultrasound

The child shown above was loved and jealously guarded until his natural birth. He was just 20 weeks old when this image was made. What a cute little guy!

20 Week Miscarriage

This precious child was sadly lost to miscarriage after 20 weeks of life. Take a close look at his little arms and legs. Now imagine an abortionist twisting them from his little body. That’s what abortion on demand does to children his age.

20 Weeks Pregnant

Unlike the first two children, this little boy wasn’t wanted by his family. Instead of selflessly carrying him for another four months, his mother chose to take advantage of an unjust law and had him legally slaughtered 20 weeks following his conception. Notice his little arms? Now imagine him holding his bottle and happily cooing while cradled by his adoptive mother.

Abortion is a savage act of violence against a prenatal child. Next time you debate abortion, remember these children and let them guide you.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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