Month: December 2017

Red Baby Shoes

Baby Steps

Each one of us moved along this baby steps game board to get to where we are today.

/ December 27, 2017
Smiling Newborn

Happy to Live Among Us

Let's give every baby something to smile about! Join the pro-life movement today...

/ December 26, 2017
19 Week Miscarriage

Removing the Middle Man

If abortive mothers were handed their babies to kill, the healthcare lie would die faster than their child.

/ December 25, 2017
NICU Santa

The Best Gift on Earth

Santa shows the world that life is the best gift of all. Merry Christmas!

/ December 25, 2017
NICU Nurses Sing to Preemie

Merry Christmas Little One

Warm your heart as these neonatal intensive care nurses sing a Christmas carol to tiny Anya, a little girl born too early. Life is beautiful, no matter how small.

/ December 24, 2017
Protect Life

Abortion Kills Dreams

You wouldn't have any dreams to pursue if you had been aborted. Don't kill dreams, enable them. Share life.

/ December 24, 2017
Batman Joker

Planned Parenthood — the Abortion Joker

The closest thing to the Joker in real life is Planned Parenthood. They push the idea that abortion represents freedom and liberty. What they never tell the women...

/ December 23, 2017
Tearing Life Apart Late Term Abortion

Abortion Tears Life Apart

Does this look like a human right to you...

/ December 23, 2017

Face the Truth About Abortion

This little one was just as precious while living and growing in his mommy's womb.

/ December 23, 2017

A Painful Way to Kill

And then to see, to be with somebody while they're having the injection when they're twenty or twenty-four weeks, and you see the baby moving around, kicking around, as this needle goes into the stomach, you know.

/ December 23, 2017