Latest Global Abortion Statistics

15 Week Abortion

People around the world are becoming enamored with killing their young. These numbers demonstrate the growing sickness of mankind.

Number of babies killed on our planet while cradled in the womb in 2014:

  • Annually: 55,900,000
  • Monthly: 4,658,333
  • Weekly: 1,075,000
  • Daily: 153,150
  • Hourly: 6,381
  • Every Minute: 106
  • Each Second: 1.8

These horrific numbers represent an increase of nearly six million additional dead children on an annual basis over 1994. Some people like to tell themselves that ripping a living baby out of the safety of their mother’s womb isn’t murder because a piece of paper has words written on it that makes it legal. Some people like to convince themselves that we’re not living through another holocaust. Some people are living on the wrong side of history.

The saddest part of this tragedy is that it will only get worse with time unless more people awaken to its reality and take action to end it. Learning from history is hard for some people. Don’t be one of them.

Source: The Lancet, Abortion Incidence Between 1990 and 2014: Global, Regional, and Subregional Levels and Trends, Volume 388, No. 10041, p258–267, 16 July 2016

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