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WASHINGTON, DC. Nov. 4, 2027 — Capitalizing on the Parental Rights Expansion Act signed into law today, Planned Parenthood has announced additional healthcare services to address the mental stress often associated with parenting. This new law extends the limits for termination beyond the nine month mark arbitrarily imposed by the antiquated Doe v. Bolton decision issued by the Supreme Court in 1973. In addition to the concerns addressed by the high court during pregnancy, the Parental Rights Expansion Act addresses the emotional well-being of women struggling to provide for underdeveloped postpartum fetuses by an additional six months.

Citing the ground-breaking study on human cognition commissioned by the Center for Disease Control that found postpartum fetuses do not possess the cognitive skills for full sentience, Democratic lawmakers acted to place a priority on the mental and emotional health of parents.

Planned Parenthood lauded this achievement as an important advancement for women’s rights in a statement released this afternoon.

Today marks a new era in women’s rights. Women struggling to achieve economic parity with men will no longer be burdened by oppressive laws that seek to force them to provide life support for unwanted children, whether prenatal or neonatal. In anticipation of this new freedom, Planned Parenthood has prepared the majority of its clinics to offer neonatal termination services beginning today. Postpartum fetal euthanasia is now a safe and legal alternative to unwanted parenthood and we stand with women by offering this service. Thanks to generous contributions from donors who recognize that rights without access are meaningless, we will soon offer terminations at all of our health centers.

Although the Parental Rights Expansion Act is moving us in the right direction, Planned Parenthood will continue to advocate for parental rights and reproductive justice. We will persist.

Anti-choice groups expressed outrage over this expansion of what they claim is simply ‘post-birth abortion’. NARAL, as the leading voice for women’s rights issues related to abortion care, dismissed their concerns as “yet more extremist rhetoric designed to force women into pregnancy and parenthood”.

The American Center for Law and Justice plans to file a legal challenge to this legislation within the week. In response, the American Civil Liberties Union, in coordination with Amnesty International, have promised to relentlessly defend this new human right.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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  1. In 2022, this doesn’t seem far fetched at all. UN has declared abortion a human right. The entire world has rallied against USA because of Dobbs v. Jackson. The bubble is about to burst. Either the truth about abortion finally reaches the masses in the wake of this massive disruption, or we are going to have neonatal euthanasia within next five years.


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