Month: November 2017

Strong Enough

Love Is a Superpower

Love is a superpower! Never give up on your baby, no matter where they live.

/ November 30, 2017
World Children

A Dangerous Planet for Children

We kill almost sixty million little boys and girls while cradled in the womb every year...

/ November 29, 2017
Ultrasound Embroidery

Arts and Humanities

This mother embroidered her child's first image, creating art out of life.

/ November 27, 2017
Facts Don't Care About Opinions

FACT: Abortion Kills Innocent Human Beings

People who cling to the legalized killing of prenatal children to avoid responsibility ignore the fact that abortion kills human beings. I wonder why...

/ November 27, 2017
Unsafe Abortion

Abortion Is Always Unsafe

This painting is meant to depict the dangers of outlawing abortion. What it doesn't show is the baby about to die a violent death. But I will...

/ November 26, 2017
Pregnancy Baby Moving

Restless Babies Awaiting Birth

These children are ready for a change of address...

/ November 26, 2017

The New Religion

The abortion clinics have become the new Cathedrals of our age -its workers the grassroots clergy. Here, there is existential dread, anxiety, an initial taste of power…

/ November 26, 2017
Pro-Life Threads Texas

Show the World Life

Proclaim to the world that you will not sit idly by while millions of innocent prenatal children are killed all around you. Find your state at Pro-Life Threads.

/ November 25, 2017
Nazi Aktion T4 Propaganda Poster

This Is Your Warning, Will You Heed It?

Wrongful Birth lawsuits are becoming more common. This is your warning, will you heed it?

/ November 25, 2017

Laughing at Tragedy

The child, by reason of higher physical and mental immaturity, needs special safeguards and care, including appropriate legal protection, before as well as after birth.

/ November 25, 2017