A Craven Act Of Selfishness

Abortion Ultrasound

How did we arrive at this place in our history? How did we ever let this happen to our species, our culture, our civilization, and most regrettably, our precious children? Incredibly, thousands of mothers view their children on sonograms every day and then expose those same children to the cruelty of an abortionist who rips them apart while still alive.

No society can long endure this craven act of selfishness. Abortion has already turned our prenatal children into a commodity to be disposed of at will. It has devalued every human life in every culture it has ever infected. If we don’t end the killing soon, we will forever be lost in a sea of innocent blood. Societies all over the world are now legalizing the euthanasia of its most vulnerable members, including young children. How long before they come for you?

Shake your apathy and DO SOMETHING to restore our lost humanity!

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