Month: October 2017

Pregnant Halloween

Happy Pro-Life Halloween!

Flying for two because every little pumpkin matters...

/ October 31, 2017

Discover a World of Firsts

Every first between a parent and their baby is special and there's nothing more rewarding than experiencing each and every one together.

/ October 30, 2017
Giving Birth

Birthing the Future

People constantly struggle with the meaning of life. It's quite simple, actually. The meaning of life is to...

/ October 29, 2017

Transmission of Life

The science of life is clear on what abortion kills. Learn more...

/ October 29, 2017
All Black Lives Matter

All Black Lives Matter

Did you know that the Black Lives Matter movement partnered with Planned Parenthood? Did you know that more black lives are killed by abortion than any other cause of death? Learn more...

/ October 29, 2017

Special Needs

Abortion is a savage act of violence against an innocent child. When that child is targeted for destruction because they require special needs

/ October 28, 2017
Jackolantern Pumpkin Ideas

Happy Halloween Little Guy

Every little one deserves to experience the wonders of life. Don't abort them, celebrate them!

/ October 28, 2017
Abortion Care

Even Children Know the Truth

Healthcare preserves human life. Abortion destroys it. Don't lie to our children.

/ October 28, 2017
Uterus Cuterus

Uterus Cuterus

This adorable crocheted baby leaving her cozy home for the first time is so happy to meet her human family.

/ October 28, 2017
Abortion Ultrasound

Do You Believe In Equality?

Most claim to believe in human equality, but few put their philosophy into action. Abortion kills innocent human beings.

/ October 27, 2017