No Respect For Country Or Black Lives

NFL Kneeling National Anthem

The football players so eager to draw attention to the fact that black lives matter as related to ‘police brutality’ remain utterly silent on the greatest threat to black lives in America: Planned Parenthood. This elitist corporation and its one-percenter white CEO, Cecile Richards, holds firm to the idea that some lives matter less than others by continuing to build their human slaughterhouses in or near minority communities.

Planned Parenthood preys on black children while raking in hundreds of millions of dollars to support Democratic party politicians that run the very cities and police departments where these football players believe police brutality occurs, yet they ignore the real brutality committed inside Planned Parenthood against their own children.

Abortion as cause of death by race:

  • Whites – 16.4%
  • Blacks – 61.1%
  • Hispanics – 64%

Proportion killed by abortion relative to causes of death:

  • Whites – 12%
  • Blacks – 43%
  • Hispanics – 45%

Abortion is the leading cause of death among the black community yet they can’t seem to find the courage to confront it. I wonder why.

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