Month: August 2017

Human Like You

Have You Forgotten Where You Came From?

It's easy to support the killing of prenatal children if you've been safely born.

/ August 30, 2017
Pregnancy 24 Weeks

This Is Not a Difficult Concept

This little boy points out an obvious truth that many find difficult to understand.

/ August 27, 2017
Political Activism

Do You Care About Human Rights?

This little boy was killed by abortionist Douglas Karpen in Houston, Texas. Do you even care?

/ August 27, 2017
Parenting Wisdom


Abortion is the categorization of an entire human group for the sole purpose of enabling their destruction at will.

/ August 27, 2017

Abortion Is Destroying Our Humanity

This abortion industry CEO supports the killing of little girls because they are girls, claiming that she should have no say in the reason why a mother would want to kill her child. Abortion is destroying our humanity.

/ August 26, 2017
3D Printed Ultrasound

A New Way to Bond With Your Child

This mother had her ultrasound brought to life using a 3D printer so she could touch the face of her child a few months early.

/ August 26, 2017
Pregnancy Test Results

How to Read a Pregnancy Test

Sometimes a positive result on a pregnancy test can be scary. Look past your fears and protect the life you harbor by putting your philosophy into action.

/ August 26, 2017
How to Abort a Baby

Abortion Isn’t Healthcare, It’s Killing

This little girl was killed because her human rights were stipped away when abortion was legalized. Will you find the strength to protect the most vulnerable among us?

/ August 26, 2017
Legal Morality

Prenatal Human Beings Are Not Property!

It shouldn't be legal to kill prenatal children by aborting them. Never use the law as a metric for morality.

/ August 24, 2017
Cultureshift Take Action

Snap into Action

Be a part of something amazing by sharing the resources needed to build a culture of life.

/ August 23, 2017