Prenatal Abortion Week By Week

As you view the brutalized remains of these children, remind yourself that this could have been you. People who fight for the legal right to do this to their fellow human beings all have one thing in common: they’ve all been safely born.

Oppression is the act of one group of people denying another group of people something they’ve attained and don’t want to share. In fact, all of the people who worked to bring the atrocity of abortion to America were protected by the law while they were living and growing in the womb. They possessed the human rights they worked so hard to strip away from those who followed them. Each one of the human beings pictured above should be walking this planet with us, but their lives were deemed unimportant and disposable.

Every human deserves human rights. If you support abortion, you reject this idea. If you agree that all humans are equal, then it’s time to¬†take action to defend the children scheduled to die tomorrow. Without you, they have no hope.

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