We Must Restore America’s Promise

History Of America

America was founded on a promise the world had never seriously considered before, much less established a nation on. Unfortunately, that promise was not met because those who made that promise failed to understand that every human is a fully qualified person deserving of human rights.

After much conflict and loss of life that tore at the very fabric of the nation, America realized her mistake and finally codified protections for every human being as an equal person under the law. But then something tragic happened in 1973. America once again segmented a group of human beings and stripped them of her promise of a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

With Roe v Wade, the United States Supreme Court rejected the fact that all humans are human beings and all human beings are people equally deserving of Constitutional protections. This same institution also once rejected the fact that Africans were full persons under the law, thereby ensuring their continued enslavement and treatment as property. Humans are not property, no matter what color they may be nor what stage of development they may currently occupy.

Until America ends the legalized killing of her most vulnerable and defenseless members, America will continue to reject the promise she was founded on. Both America and her children are better than abortion.

Help restore the promise.

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