Abortion Road Trip Tracey Erbacher

This is Tracey Erbacher, the director of Abortion Road Trip, a ‘comedy’ about abortion. This is an excerpt from her website promoting her work to destigmatize the killing of prenatal children…

You don’t know it yet, but Abortion Road Trip is the comedy that you really, really need.

Abortion doesn’t have to be tragic. It doesn’t have to be “the most difficult choice a woman can make.”

Sometimes it can be funny.

Sometimes it can be serious.

Sometimes the choice is easy, or nuanced, or exactly right.

Our power as artists lies in the choices we make about the stories we want to tell. And now, right now, we think we all need a comedy about abortion.

Ms. Erbacher is a human being that once passed through the fetal stage of life. Now that she’s been safely born, she uses her radical feminist ideology to advocate for the barbaric destruction of those awaiting their turn at birth. She believes that women need the right to kill their children to be equal to men. This belief is founded on the idea that some lives matter less than others, an idea that has spawned every human atrocity our world has ever known. Ironically, abortion kills over 60,000 female human beings every day, yet feminists think they’re helping women. In fact, they are utterly silent on sex-selective abortion — the targeted killing of prenatal females because they are females.

Love says, “I sacrifice myself for the good of the other person.” Abortion says, “I sacrifice the other person for the good of myself.”

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.


  1. “She believes that women need the right to kill their children to be equal to men.”

    I don’t have any words to describe exactly how incorrect this is.


    1. Please elaborate on your assertion that a ‘fierce feminist’ who is directing a comedy about killing prenatal children doesn’t believe that abortion is needed to ‘equalize’ women. Of course, I fully expect you to make the unscientific claim that abortion doesn’t kill children because we were just ‘pregnancy tissue’ prior to our birth. You and I both know that this claim is based on a desire to obfuscate what abortion does to living human beings passing through a stage of life that you and I once passed through.

      Never forget that dehumanization is the first step toward mass human slaughter, and that’s exactly what abortion is.


      1. As long as we both disagree on the point at which human life begins, we will get nowhere in discussing the morality of abortion. To me, your viewpoints are just as “unscientific” as you claim mine are. I’m not here to discuss that. I’m here to correct your misunderstandings of feminism. This is an arduous task, because your arguments have no linearity, and contain radical assumptions with no reasonable basis.

        I don’t know what further explanation you need. You’re making unrelated points. The right to abortion is not an equalizer of the sexes, it’s a medical procedure that only affects women. Feminism doesn’t state that men and women are unequal, therefore measures must be taken to equalize them – it states that men and women ARE equal, and should be treated as such. There is literally no equivalent procedure for men, since they cannot get pregnant. I’m not sure what point you’re trying to make is, but it sure is specious.

        By the way, do you realize you’re talking about a play? Something you have the choice to see or not see? I didn’t particularly like Spiderman 3, but I didn’t write a poorly-worded blog post shaming Sam Raimi, because I’m at least a half-decent human being who doesn’t lose his special snowflake mind when something happens that I don’t like.

        If you don’t like abortions, don’t get one. Feel free to be as pro-life as you want, but attacking people with this vitriol is the antithesis to love, something of which you seem to speak highly. But right now, you’re just being a big ol’ ball of hate.

        Also, you may want to look up what “ascertain” means. I think you’ll find it is a verb, not a noun. But you’re an author, you should know that already.


    2. These women are crazy , I once had one for a neighbor, constant Debbie downer, bickering, never could just say Good Morning, had to lecture me about abortion with their typical condescending tone, when she moved it was truly a blessing They can’t have a regular conversation, they rant all day about their abortion crap and try to brainwash people That psycho in the video is evil


  2. I worked with Tracey last year on a different production and she is the most wonderful person ever. I am pro life, but what you are doing is so out of line and unnecessary.


    1. If someone you knew supported gassing the Jews because they believed that Jewish lives were less valuable than theirs, would you claim that they were the most ‘wonderful person ever’? Ms. Erbacher clearly believes that the millions of people awaiting their turn at birth are less valuable than she is.

      The idea that abortion is funny is an affront to common human decency, as is supporting the brutal dismemberment of defenseless prenatal children while living and growing peacefully in the blinding darkness of their mother’s womb.

      Ms. Erbacher is directing ‘Abortion Road Trip’ for one reason: to destigmatize human abortion. If that ever happens, all hope is lost.


      1. You’re overreacting.

        Art is art. You’re going through unnecessary lengths to find a platform for your agenda.

        Abortion itself is not funny. Nobody wants to get an abortion. It’s a last resort in every circumstance. The conditions surrounding abortion, however, can be a place to find humor. Much like your specious excuse for a blog.


      2. AMEN. You said that very well. May GOD have mercy on us for allowing innocent babies to be murdered.


      3. Exactly! They want to make abortion sound normal Abortion is abnormal , goes against the normal need to protect the young


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